Spain is on top of the list of my favorite destinations specially after my last trip to one of its not so spoken about town Malaga!


Why visit Malaga?

Malaga is a beautiful Andalusian city on the Costa del sol of the Mediterranean.It is one of the oldest city of the world hence the historical treasures found here  are truly priceless! This city is also birthplace to many famous artists like Picasso, Antonio Banderas..while you are here you can get a taste of its rich artistic heritage.The pleasant weather and the relaxed malagueños make this place an ideal destination for a chilled out summer vacation.

My Favorite places in Malaga

  • Malagueta Beach : I simply love this beach it is really wide and gives a great view all across, the restaurants across the beach area are great as they have friendly staff & great food, you could rent your beach bed for 4€ and spend your day by the beach enjoying Sangria’s.

    Sangria by the beach
  • Picasso Museum : The Museum is beautiful and the best part about it is that you can see the work of Picasso really upclose, close enough to admire every brush stroke. A must visit ( Sundays entry is free).image


  • Roman amphitheater : While walking around downtown Malaga you will come across this historical treasure, this amphitheater is even older than the catholic religion, its truly amazing how you can have a peak into history by just being around this place.image


  • Alcabaza : The most beautiful views of the city port, and amazing architecture makes this place truly dream like!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

  • Malaga port : A beautiful view of the Gibralfaro castle & Alcabaza by night this place is truly magical, I enjoyed a great dinner with Paella and Malaga wine!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



Chai & Tapas…

Spain is famous for its Tapas and Malaga offers nothing less from patata’s bravas to morcilla!! Some of my favorite places to eat are listed below:

  • Casa Diego : loved the tapas & the sangria! For some authentic taste of tapas this place is a great start.image
  • El Meson de Cervantes : this place is great for a vast selection of malaga wines and refined tapas. I loved the tapas of boar cooked in sweet malage wine & the sardines with mango n avocado sauce!image
  • Cafe Central Of Malaga   : best place for Merienda (tea time in spain usually between 5-7pm) love the coffee and churros, in this cafe thats more than a 100 years old.image
  • El PImpi : This was my favorite after-dinner hang out place! Love the moscatel (must taste sweet malaga wines) & the cheese cake of aged cheese just yummy!image



Trip to Granada

Granada is a one n half hour bus drive from Malaga, its great to visit the Alhambra which gives you a vast vision of the Arabic culture so predominant in Spain.



Few pointers

Make sure to book your tickets to visit the castle way in advance on the spot entries are not available.

The best months to visit Malaga is May & September to avoid the tourist rush and really high temperatures.

Malaga is a very safe place, and there is absolutely no fear of being cheated if you are a tourist. So if you planning to visit Spain next time don’t forget this little Andalusian city Malaga!




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