BIKING THE ROADS OF INDIA from Goa to Mahableshwar

As a young girl I was fearless and always seeking for thrill, which brought out the biker in me at a very young age. Until I discovered motorcycle riding I really never had an outlet to express myself or an interest that touched my spirit. Being a woman rider added to my self esteem and put me in a unique category. I definitely feel like there is a connection between my bike and me, she becomes a part of me and I become a part of her. Being a rider gives me a freedom.I remember riding one day and there were a couple of young girls in car in front of me, they all were so amazed when they saw I was a ‘she’ and gave me the thumbs up😊img_2846


On our summer vacation to Goa this May, My husband and I planned a two day cross state biking trip, something we both are very passionate about.This first time ride to Mahableshwar left an indelible impression on my memory. While doing our research on a place to camp at night, we found this amazing camp site at Wai.

Wai is a beautiful place situated on the Krishna river and surrounded by the mountain region of the Sahyadris.
We started our trip early in the morning with a few close friends. A good night sleep is always necessary before a long bike trip but honestly I could not sleep cause of all the exictment😊. The ride was amazing with the breathtaking  view from the ghats.img_1955

We reached the camping site in the evening where our tents were set up by  Sahyadri Camp, I absolutely recommend them.We were served some mouth watering maharastrian food here. We had also a Bon fire set up which was perfect with the cool weather at night.

We camped for the night at the camp site and started our ride to Mahableshwar early in the morning. Mahableshwar is very famous for its beauty, strawberries and cool weather. A must have is the strawberry cream at Mahableshwar, made with fresh strawberries and cream.img_1935

The roads to Mahableshwar consist of well paved highways full of plenty of twists and turns scenic overlooks. We rode a total of 966 kilometres and took back everlasting memories.

As a woman rider I would love see more woman who ride and like to encourage more woman to learn to ride and ride safely. So I have just listed a few things you should know as a beginner image

  • The most important is wearing a proper riding gear: helmet(preferably full faced), jacket, boots and gloves, also not to forget a pair of high reflection sunglasses.
  • Never be in a hurry to get somewhere and ride fast, just because you take time to reach somewhere doesn’t make you are a bad rider, it makes you a safer and better rider.
  • Don’t be distracted with your electronic gadgets, you need to concentrate on the road all the time.
  • Always stay well hydrated.

Motorcycling is definitely my ultimate passion and the way I see it anything that starts my heart in such a manner is love❤️❤️.


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