How I use my sunscreen for Strobing!

Strobing gives you the most dewy  and fresh skin look! If you not familiar with the term yet check Vogue Strobing, its a makeup trend that’s been around for years but just made a big come-back with a fancy name and I absolutely love it!

I am going to show you some real cool tricks to do strobing without buying any  fancy products easy way to make your skin look glowy for a day time look and a more dressy strobing for a glam night-out look!

Strobing enhances your features by adding light.(Check my previous post Color Chroming to see the zones of application because it’s important to know this for a perfectly strobed complexion )

Use your sunscreen as a strobe cream

Yes sunscreens have SPF which gives it this glowy underbase, when used on the skin, as a primer it can make yout makeup look whitish so you have to be really careful of the dosage, but as a strobe cream it works just beautiful and your skin is protected (apply in very small amounts n build up slowly )

How do I choose my sunscreen for a strobe cream?

The higher the SPF the better!

How to strobe using my sunscreen?

After you finish your foundation, tap sunscreen gently on the zones to strobe ( using fingers or a makeup sponge), keep in mind to blend it well so there are no demarcations, so that everything looks natural and beautiful.


Night-Out Strobing

For a more glam night-out look, I love to tap my sunscreen with an iridescent gold eyeshadow on the strobing zones to give me the ultimate shine which I can build as I like. For a pale skin i would advise you to go with a light sivery-pink tone eyeshadow.

What I love most about using my sunscreen as a strobing product is that I know my skin is protected while looking at its best, but that doesnt mean we have to replace our sun protection, this is just a way to use your sunscreen to add a glow to your everyday look.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and most of all I hope you learned something new 🙂

Let me know if you try it out..


Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷


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