Natural skincare an edible treat for your skin.

Hi Everyone!

Today I am writing about something that concerns all of us, Skincare! Everyone today is in a race to enhance their looks and look better, younger, lighter etc, and hence they take up different products to do so, and with all the modern advancements, there are many skincare choices available in the market today, that claim to enhance our skin, but do they really work???? I too love using skincare products, infact I love it so much that I am actually studying about it and have done a cosmetic formulation course. 

I have realised that some of the brands dont really do the job they claim and are  just a marketing gimmicks, often they can even harm our skin causing irritations and allergies (and even can cause cancer in the long run), thus causing a lot of concerns so now we have to check the label before using the products.
Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it absorbs most of the products we put on it.. Creams,Makeup etc.  When we use skin products with harmful ingredients, we put a lot of burden on the body’s detoxification process. These products remain in our body for several months or even years before they can be completely eliminated from our bodies. So we its very important to detoxify our skin just as we detoxify our bodies.

This is one of the things that made me realise that I should be more careful of what I apply on my skin and I thought of making my creams and recipes that could give my skin the detox required😊.I would definitely prefer to use natural skincare,and here are a few reason why I prefer to use natural skincare products:

  • What we apply on our skin is absorbed: So we have to be very careful of what we put on it. The chemicals may affect everyone in a different way, but I would not take a chance when I know that they would do harm to my body (Its good to do a test befre you use New products)
  • Easily available and less expensive : the natural skincare products are less expensive. You can even make some of your own products at home with ingredients that are easily available at home like coconut oil, coffee, honey etc. You don’t need to go out of your way to buy them, and when we make our own products we know exactly what is used.
  • Good for you and the environment: The natural skincare products not only avoid chemicals from being absorbed into our body but also contain the ingredients that are essential and good for skin and body. By using natural products we cause no harm to the environment and therefore protect our Mother Earth.

Well I personally feel that natural skincare products can make you feel beautiful  and refreshed from inside as well as the outside. It gives us a chance to connect with mother Earth again. The question you need to ask your self is whether ” would I put something on my skin that I would not eat??? ” So what are your views on this, do leave your comments, I would love to read them..

And yes, check out my next posts where I will share with you tips and simple skincare products that you can make at home, for a skin detox during the weekend or as an everyday ritual 😊 and also regular reviews of creams and skincare from my favorite brands.

 Article by : Rachel Fernandes | Lawyer,Cosmetics Formulator, Beauty Addict | 🇬🇧


2 thoughts on “Natural skincare an edible treat for your skin.

  1. It’s always better to opt for natural ingredients like honey, almond paste, milk etc. Also, what u eat is equally important. Eating healthy, fresh fruits, veggies and drinking plenty of water makes ur skin supple and radiant.. Looking forward to the next post mel.

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