My Favorite SELFIE-MAKEUP moments! 

Hello everyone 😊

Today I am gong to share with you four makeup looks that I absolutely love in selfies and some tips to get these looks. 

  1. The Fresh Skin Selfie :       Makes it to the top of the list, because nothing can beat a fresh look! Dewy and glowy is definitely the way to selfie this season!

Key elements to this look:

2.  The Bold Lip Selfie : Focusing on one strong feature of your face can really make your look stand out.

When I say focus on the lips I don’t mean to ignore the other features, clean skin, big lashes and a touch of blush wil make the whole look come together if you planning to do a bold lip!

Key elements to this look:

3.  The ‘I don’t care’ look Selfie :  Don’t get carried away by the name to reach the carefree look you need to follow quite a few steps, wild brows and no foundation skin are the top features of this look.

Key elements to this look:

  • Fake Freckles : for a no foundation skin effect I made fake freckles using Nars dark brown lipstick and a Fiber sponge to create the freckles and smudge a bit with your fingers to make it look natural. 
  • Wild brows: I used Brown mascara to brush my brows in an upward direction and give them a wild effect ( if u have thick brows you can use a transparent mascara to get this effect)!

4.  The Monotone-Makeup Selfie : Keeping one color code is key to this look, as easy as this may sound, you must be careful not to go overboard and keep your makeup balanced!

Key elements to this look :

Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

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