4 Ways to Reinvent your White Tee!!

Clothes are my passion and true love.. It never fails to bring the twinkle in my eyes. My wardrobe is full of colours, different styles and not forgetting innovation. I believe every individual can define themselves with the way they dress. ‘Experimentation’ is my mantra.

Fashion is all about adding spice, This is my first blog post and I thought about writing about something as simple as “a White Tshirt” a basic but indispensable piece of clothing in our wardrobe, but sometimes it can get a little tricky to style something as simple as this.So, today I am going to show you some simple ways to dressup your  white tee to make it look more trendy, more fashionable and you won’t believe how much you going to enjoy styling this little piece in different ways!

  1.  SUSPENDERSimg_1585

It’s time to move on from belts to suspenders.If you are  the tomboy kind of girl then you should try this style this androgyne style..suspenders will give you the support needed in holding your pants up and making you look stylish as seen in Vogue

You can wear it over your tshirt or under!

Where to buy Suspenders


Silver jewellery is the most trending accessory this season.

Many of our favourite celebs were seen wearing chunky silver neckleaces which goes well with almost everything. t-shirts, crop top and dresses.

This is a great way to style a white tee.The chunky silver necklace will gain all d attention giving u a more boho look. As seen on Kendall Jenner at the American music Awards.

Where to shop :


 It’s fast trending and looks super classy, but as body chains have been know more as a trend for the summer to be worn and shown off on reveraling outfits like a bathing suit or low cut tops or bustiers I thought why not team it all year round.

Wear it over or under your tshirt. As seen in most of the fashion shows this year. If it’s a skin fit tee you should wear it over the tee. But if it’s a lose , transparent or cropped don’t think twice before wearing it underneath. It will add a little sexy look with the minimalistic effort.

Where to shop Bodychains


 Your tee is too plain n usual? Knot it up. No..not the same boring front knot or side knot.I’m talking about a cool back knot.

Knotting is a carefree answer tucking.

Hope you guys enjoyed these simple yet stylish tricks to dress up your everyday look.

Cheers 💋

Article by : Ingrid Fernandes | Fashion Designer | 🇮🇳


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