Crazy Hair Colors for Girls with Dark Hair

The Crazy Color hair trend is going stronger than ever in 2016. Rainbow hair, Colombré, Mermaid hair and even Glittercolor hair are flooding social media. So today I wanted to write to girls with dark hair like me who would so love to get this done but are either afraid that it won’t suit them or dont know if they really can get these pretty colors to show on their dark hair. Read on to see and relive my hair transformation, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting into the mermaid hair color trend. 


I always admired gals with these pretty hair hues from afar never even considering that these colors would look good on me, as I have a tanned complexion and dark hair I could not even get myself close to imagining that I could get a mermaid hair look and rock it.

My thoughts changed when I saw one of my favorite Instagram influencer Tamanna Roashan undergo a grey lilac hair transformation, it looked so good on her, this really changed my opinion I had to get this done 😉.

I have always loved experimenting with my hair from a very young age I went through all the possible catastrophic transformation phases. I didn’t want to take a chance this time I researched well to find a good hairstylist who could get this done. And this is a very important step, find a good hairstylist who you can trust, if possible check their work to be sure.


I must warn you some of the photos of the steps to my transformation might be shocking 🙈

let the transformation begin
let the transformation begin
you can see how my hair started turning orange
🙈 orange hair
second decoloration
after a wash : yellow hair
a closer look at my yellow hair
let the transformation begin
let the transformation begin
let the transformation begin

Now time for the color

My hair had to undergo the bleaching process three times to get a base light enough to let the colors show but this is also because I had colored my hair blue black which made the process even more difficult.


  • Find a good hairstylist who you can trust, to avoid surprises
  • Don’t dye your hair atleast 3 months before u planning to do this
  • You will have to do touch ups almost every week, because the pigments used are semi- permanent.
  • To touch up my hair I use semi permanent hair pigments which I mix with a hair mask and apply all over my hair.
  • You will need to really take care of your hair, nights masks and conditioners are important because after decoloration the hair becomes fragile.
  • You can experiment, once your hair is decolored you can play with colors almost every two weeks to change the way you look. Grey tones are difficult to achieve and maintain, blue and violet pigments grab on well.

I use Manic panic pigments to color my hair. Below you will see some of my transformations in the last 6 months.

dark blue
light green
grey lilac

I hope this answered some of your questions, write to me if there is anything else you need to know about crazy colored hair 😉

Have fun 💋


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