A few of my favorite things- Body Shop haul!

A few days back I woke up to a bunch of goodies that arrived,  I recieved my much awaited order from the Body Shop and have been dying to write about it ever since! Its July and it’s raining sales, so I thought why not order some of my favourites from my favorite skincare brand! I am so excited to finally share with you my Body Shop haul.

  • These Irresistable Shower Gels:

I ordered the Honey Mania, Passion Fruit and the Pink Grapefruit shower gel (all 250 ml each). All of these have a lovely and refreshing smell -> unique and irresistable.

Perfect way to start your day😊

  • The Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion:

This is my current favourite, it’s the best for summer as it is a very light texture it gets easily absorbed into the skin.It does have a little tea tree smell when applied but this lasts only for about 5 to 10 seconds until the cream gets absorbed.The best thing is that it keeps your skin matte as the lotion claims great for gals with the shiny nose problems.

I’m loving this lotion and I think I am going to buy the entire Tea Tree range😉

  • The Vitamin E Moisturising Creams:

 This is one of the moisturizing creams that I have always loved from the body shop. After application my skin feels nourished,hydrated and smooth. The night cream is slightly more dense which serves the purpose of keeping your skin well moisturized all night long, so you wake up fresh with a luminous skin.

  • The lip and cheek stain:

I got the lip and cheek stain in the color Deep Berry, what I really like about the lip stain is that it is very light and subtle and gives your face a natural look without making you feel that you are wearing a lip product. It lasts you about 4-5 hours and is a no-transfer formula. Just a note of caution while applying it you need to work the product quickly to avoid patches, start by applying small amounts and build the coverage as desired.

So here it is my Weekend Body Shop haul. I took the pleasure of ordering my old favorites hopefully I’ll have some new favorites soon (I am difficult to please 😏) and I will let you guys know about it.

What’s your favourite Body Shop product???


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