DIY Independance Day inspired eyelashes!

This week we are coming up with a series of blogposts inspired by Independance Day and today I wil show you how I made my Tricolor inspired eyelashes! 

What You will need : 

  1. A pair of false eyelashes 
  2. Crystals in the three colors orange,white and green 
  3. A pair of tweezers 
  4. Lash glue 

How to go about this : 

  1. Start by picking up the crystals with your tweezers and applying glue on the back of the crystal. 
  2. Place the crystal on the false lash and allow it to dry.
  3. Repeat these steps to fill the false lashes as you like.
  4. Once dried, you can apply the lashes using lash glue and enjoy! Enjoy your tricolored lashes! 

Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

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