Fusion Fashion!!

India has always overwhelmed everyone with their diverse culture and heritage.  It has a legacy of having a rich, stunning and royal touch when it comes to Indian couture.The influence of the west not only changed but transformed the essence of it all.

In today’s post I would like to show you how you can style your outfit with elements of the Indian fashion with a Western touch.

1) The Turban

Indian Traditional Turban

It’s worn in different regions in India, tied differently based on their cultures and has now become a chic style statement.The turban is trendy and also showcases a sense of royalty. It is a glamorous head piece and can be styled in various ways to match your outfit.

worn around the head like a head wrap

worn covering the head

2) Eye Bindis

Traditional Indian Bride

With the world going gaga over electro dance music festivals, a famous trend followed by girls around theworld is eye pastels. Inspired from the indian hindu bride, it is appealing and makes you stand out in the crowd. Most importantly it highlights the region of your eyes. Giving you an overall striking look, it can be done using eye bindis,makeup or even face paint.

3) Hand Mehendi

Mehendi of an Indian Bride

Another evolution that is being adopted by many parts of the world is the traditional and trademark of Indian festivals the mehendi. Mehendi is a design made on a women hands by a component called henna which brings about a reddish colour. It was anciently perceived as a symbol of husbands love for the wife.  Today  it worn in different colours including gold and silver. In can be done with the usual henna or silver or gold pens designing more of Indian motifs.It looks fancy and very outstanding. The evolved  mehendi gives the extra punch to your look and overall getup.

Done using makeup eye pencils

4) Trending braid

Tranditional Chotti

Every traditional Indian girl is known for her long black hair and to maintain it they usually tie a plat or what indians may call ‘choti’. The simple choti is now become a global style statement by adding a little western touch to it.  It makes you look modish and not at all conventional.

@anushkacarmen : Stylish Braids

5)Dupatta shrug

Traditional Indian Dupatta

As Indians were ruled by a totally contradicting power, there is an essence that still lingers. Yes we did adapt and are making constant changes to our wardrobe to make it resemble more like the west. An important yet forgotten endowment possessed by us all is the dupatta. The dupatta has a long history when it comes to Indian culture; and it can be used in a much modern way today to suit our present needs. The simple light weighed cloth can be transformed into a modern shrug. Shrugs which is so much in vogue and always comes handy. which can be made within minutes and no sewing needed.

tie up both corners of the dupatta

tie the dupatta at 1/4th to keep it long

Hope you enjoyed this post, Can’t wait to share with you more fashion trending tips.. Let me know which is your favorite fusion style!


Article by : Ingrid Fernandes | Fashion Designer | 🇮🇳

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