Our Trip to BERLIN

Hello Everyone,

My sister and I recently took a weekend trip to Berlin, a much needed break from work and a sister reunion after being six months apart! As you guys know by now, Chai and Lipstick is written by four authors, my three sisters and I, it keeps us connected as we all live in different cities now, with the girly chats we had growing up and sharing our tips with our gang is what we really enjoy 🙂 just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for showing us love and being a part of the Chai & Lipstick family 😉

ready to explore!

When we told our friends we were going to Berlin we mostly got the question : “WHY BERLIN?” and after my weekend there I really need to ask them “WHY NOT BERLIN?”, No beaches in Berlin but we had the most chilled out weekend there, Berlin is filled with some really adventurous things to do, a history that comes alive when you walk around the city, a haven for artists, music and party lovers, a treat for foodies! It’s a place where all you have to do to have a great time is just – Be You!

Take A Guided Tour

You will find many guided tours around the city, we took a free guided tour which takes you around giving you a glimpse into The history of Berlin.

amazing experience


Zaby our guide did an amazing job


Don’t Forget to tip your guide after the tour.

Jewish Memorial Site

Berlin Wall


Cathédrale de Berlin


Reichstag building

Don’t Forget to BEER 



We did a lot of beer hopping in the chilled out atmosphere of Berlin, Rach loved this restaurant I think it was her fav, almost everyday of the three days we were here she wanted to go back!

Ampelmann Restaraunt  Great place with an amazing view, must visit for it’s chilled out atmosphere and great food!

East Side Gallery

The next day we visited the East Side Gallery which is a 1.3 km long section of the Berlin Wall, it is an international memorial for freedom.

The Gallery consists of 105 paintings by artists from all over the world, painted in 1990 on the east side of the Berlin Wall.

she found her name 😁

The paintings evoke a hope for a better and free world. It was a very interesting experience which we would definitely recommend.

You can stop by the riverside restaraunts for a sausage and beer break – Berlin Style!

exhausted after the long walk beer= rachs smile 😁

Curry Wurst

Oberbaum Bridge

Walking a little ahead you will get to the Oberbaum Bridge, a visual treat, in the day you can walk around this area to admire the beauty of Berlins landscape and a glimpse of the everyday life.

such a kid!! 🙈


At night this place is a party lovers haven, we found a really great underground club Watergate  here with two floors of amazing music and a luxurious riverside lounge. Unfortunately photographs were not allowed so we don’t have any to share with you, but yes all we can say while exploring the nightlife in Berlin don’t forget to add this side of the city in your list!watergate-1

Fernsehturm – TV TOWER

A 360 degrees view of Berlin city! It is the tallest structure in Germany, and the second tallest structure in the European Union (368 metres) .

While we were here we went to the island of museum’s – Neues Museum where the beautiful statue of Queen Nefertiti is exhibited.

Queen Nefertiti @google. images

Monkey Bar


On the top floor of the Hotel Bikini Berlin is this amazing roof top lounge bar, with great music and a panoramic view of the night lit Berlin this bar is definitely on our Berlin to-go list! During the day, the monkey’s from the zoo opposite are visible 🐵

we had to actually get people to move away to get this one 🙈


When in Berlin do it the Berlin-style! Our last day started with a long walk through a dense forest and when Rachel was almost dying ( she loves to attract attention) we stopped to have breakfast – sausages and Berlin beer!

tee haus

Rachel loves to pose 😉

We went to the Mauerpark this place was filled with loads of people, there was a flea market and loads of things to eat along with great music! A must visit if you are in Berlin on a Sunday.

Berliner Donuts

We had dinner at a restaraunt by the spree 

Before making it back a walk through the lit up city was the much needed thing to do to say goodbye to Berlin! 

We missed Amanda & Ingrid hopefully the next reunion we post will be with us four together!

I will surely go back to Berlin to visit more museums, to do the raft ride that we didn’t get to do and a barbecue in the park!

As for Rachel she is so in love with the city she actually wants to move there!


Behind the scenes 

Hope you enjoyed reliving our Berlin moments!

Have a great weekend!

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