Glitter Lips Fall’s Biggest Runway Trend! 

The Glitter Lip trend was seen all over the runway this season, definitely a trend which is here to make it big this Fall/ Winter.


Bella Hadid sporting the glitter lip for Versace.
Rihanna for W magazine

In today’s post I will show you how to create a beautiful almost surrealistic glitter lip, which is definitely not an everyday look but can be great for a fun night out or festivities. So lets get to it..

What you will need : 

1) Glitters

MakeUp ForEver Glitters


2) Lip Brush & Setting Spray

3) Tape
How to do a Glitter Lip: 

1) Apply lipstick

I applied a red lipstick and used a bit of dark violet shade on the edges. I blended the edges well to avoid demarcations between the two colors. ( you can start with a single color).

2)Prepare Glitters

Dampen the brush in the Setting spray then dip the wet brush into the glitters.

3) Apply Glitters

I start by applying red Glitters at the center of the lip, then I apply violet color Glitters on the edges. ( If it’s your first time start by doing one color all over the lips)

I like to do a two tone I feel it adds contrast and more dimension to my lips.

4) Remove Fall Out

If you have glitters fallout use a tape to gently get it off, press the tape on the area of fallout and pull off gently. If needed don’t forget to retouch your foundation after this step.

5) Enjoy your Glitter Lips

I love this statement lip makeup, it’s bold and oozes confidence. Paired with a fresh flawless complexion and beautiful lashes this look can be absolutely amazing!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and ready to try Glitter Lips and stand out in a crowd, be a show stopper, or heartbreaker!

See you soon with some more makeup trends of Automn/ Winter!


Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

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