Portobello Road Market


I have been living in the beautiful city of London for over a year now. This city never stops to amaze me, the churches, bridges, buildings all have their own architectural uniqueness. I love London and it’s culture so I thought it can be really great to share with you different things that you can do here.

First on my list is the Portobello Road Market:

One of the oldest and most famous markets in the UK. This market began way back in the 19th Century, and today is one of UK’sthe biggest Antique Market. The side streets of the market have many designer stores, cafes and boutiques.

It is vast and diverse, and what adds to it’s  vibrant atmosphere are the vintage stores and yummy food. The street artists and musicians create an artistic vibe around, a great place to visit on a weekend,don’t you think 😉

This market operates throughout the week, the main day being Saturday.

Monday to Thursday: The market mainly serves fresh fruits and vegetables, household goods and other items for day to day consumption. On Thursday the market is half day on and stalls close by 1 pm.

Friday: You will find mostly vintage clothing, household goods, furniture and accessories.

Saturday:The main day for the market! Best known for its antiques, fashion, fruit and vegetable stalls. I was so amazed by the colourful and vibrant nature of this market. This market is a real treat for a foodie especially like me😋. There are many international food stalls most of which are freshly prepared. There some talented street artists that can be spotted too. It is a must visit by tourists and has something for everyone.

Fashion Market:

The Food Market:

The Antique Market:

At the end of the road is the Acklam Village Bar, where you can enjoy free live music and drinks, this bar is made with recycled materials and has a great ambiance.

Hope you enjoyed reading, I will be back soon with more of my London must-visit places 😉


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