Tomboy Makeup Look 

Hi Gals

I am so excited about this post, the tomboy/ androgynous makeup has been one of the most seen makeup trend on runway shows of 2016-17. Today I will show two really easy looks you can recreate to show off your handsome side! 
This ‘Gender Fluid’ trend allows you to show off your personality  without caring about what gender you belong to, no prejudgements or prejudices.

What I love most about this look is that it is easy to adapt and is a great office wear ‘working woman chic’ look. So slick back your hair get those baggy jeans on and let’s get started!

The tomboy ( androgynous) look has three  major key features :

1.  TRANSPARENT (NO FOUNDATION)/ RAW  COMPLEXION: We are aiming for a boyish yet beautiful skin.

  • Prep your skin by scrubbing with Green Tea Face Scrub, use a moisturizer.
  • Before foundation do a spot concealing to cover redness and imperfections. Dont’t use on the undereye area, we are looking for a natural almost raw skin result so we won’t do any undereye concealing for this look!
  • Use a light water based foundation or mix your moisturizer/hydrating primer with equal amount of foundation and apply it on your skin to get a light coverage with a natural skin finish. I used MAC’s buffer brush to apply in circular motions.Mix Foundation with  Primer
  • Do not powder.

2. Wild BROWS :  Guy like brows without getting it too fierce.

  • Fil in the brows using your favourite brow product making light strokes to imitate the brow hair. No outlines, No tattoo brows!
  • Brush your brow hair upward and fix it using a transparent or brown mascara. I used Brow Seal from Makeup Forever.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

3.  CONTOUR : Light contouring on the eyes and face to give you a naturally sculpted look.

  • Contour the eyecrease and lower lashline using a dark shade for a natural shadow effect.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
  • Contour your cheeks by adding a dark shade in the hollows of your cheek, making a horizontal line to give your face a stronger manly sculpt than the usual cheekbones sculpt. Do not add blush.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Finish this look by adding a light layer of mascara and a nude matte lip, I used Girlactik Matte Lip Paint in Posh and blurred the edges using my makeup sponge.


And tadaaaaa… We are rocking the tomboy look 🙄

Team this look with a leather jacket and a pair of boots. For more ideas on androgyne fashion check out this blog article on Boyish Style.

To quickly transform this into a more sophisticated evening look, Follow the steps below.

1) Intensify the eye makeup : Use a black kohl pencil to add more intensity. And blend slightly using a black eyeshadow over it.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


2. Bold Contour : Intensify the contours of your face to sculpt in a more squarish rather than oval shape.


3. Bold Lip : A final touch of a bold matte lip with blurred edges to give a more carefree look and a generous layer of mascara to further intensify the look will bring the androgynous look to its utmost sophistication!

I really hope you enjoyed doing this makeup look with me. Until next time 💋


Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

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