With our increasing age we are often burdened by ways in which we can maintain youthfulness. We are attracted by those promising cosmetics endorsed by stars with radiating and flawless skin. Rather than slathering our skin with age defying ingredients, we should not forget staying mentally young is a key factor to restoring the youthful glow.Today I will give you 6 simple ways to stay young, boosting with energy and not letting the mundane life slow you down – Be an ageless beauty! 


  • TAKE A BREAK : Recent studies have shown that stress causes physical changes in the body that can accelerate aging. An effective way to handle stress is to take a break. A healthy break centred on meditation and relaxation. Once daily, for about 10 minutes, choose a quite, distraction free environment, close your eyes and concentrate solely on your exhale and inhale. Often chanting a mantra can be very helpful to get your attention focused. This could include a string of words or a single word. A particular sound. The aim is to keep worldly troubles abbey and a chance for your body to rejuvenate.

    pic by Jude Silveira


  • MENTAL AEROBICS : Engage yourself with brain exercises.This usually includes solving word puzzles, Suduko, brain games. Games as such are easily available as apps and can be worked on in your leisure time. The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that brain exercises can prevent cognitive decline and benefits can last for as many as five years.


  • FAll HEAD OVER HEELS : Falling in love is one of the best experiences anyone can have. It makes us excited, gets a glow back on our faces and fills is with energy to start and take on the day. Feelings of love can trigger different parts of the brain, overriding the negative effects we often encounter as adults. Falling in love can seem easy but staying in love is the tricky part. So rather than finding the spark in someone else, it can sometimes help to find it within yourself. You can choose to pamper yourself with a spa day,expensive jewellery  or a great cheat day if you tired with your busy workout schedule or something more fun and which you were longing  to check off your bucket list. All this eventually keeps your mind off the troubles and worries; and revives you from within.


  • BE A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY : Research has demonstrated that being socially active positively correlates with higher self esteem. Belonging to a social group or having friends you can catch up with has positive effects on individuals as well as keeps you at ease. It is said to be a fine way to elevate mood as well as keeps you updated with latest information with regards to trends, technology or a new point of view. So rather than  feeling left out or threatened by the new way of life; be a part of it and move hand in hand. It will lead to feelings of being savvy.

    pic courtesy wine market council


  • NOSH YOUR BRAIN : The stomach in some way always has a direct link to your brain. So eating the right kind of food reinforces the brain. Having  a balanced diet can have a positive effect on the brain as well as keeps you healthy, nourished and revitalized. Certain herbs such as ashwagandha  and rhodiola are also useful for combating stress and boosting adrenal health.To read more about this how eating right can affect your brain functioning.

  • CHEAT YOUR BRAIN : “Habit and routine have an unbelievable power to waste and destroy.” ~Henri de Lubac.Try new things to break the routine – try a new route to work, try a new recipe, exercise at a different time. In short, find ways to make yourself feel different, to avoid getting lazy and cheating your brain into staying alert to things around and thereby avoiding the aging process.

6 simple and easy to do steps which can get back the lasting youthfulness we all yearn for. So get working on turning back the clocks.And remember  ‘we are as young as we feel’.

I hope you enjoyed reading !!!.

Article by : Amanda Fernandes | Psychologist |  🇮🇳


4 thoughts on “Why Grow Old? 6 SIMPLE WAYS TO STAY YOUNG.

  1. Brilliant post. I really enjoyed reading it. It’s true to stay youthful you got to do things out of the ordinary. What you’ve suggested are on point. Mumtaz x

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  2. Great post! I definitely need to do more “mental aerobics.” I used to be really into sudoku, but sort of fell off doing it. From the looks of this, it’s definitely worth getting back into.

    Liked by 1 person

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