Gore look for Halloween

Hi guys!

Are you ready for a super gore look this halloween? Well if you are then scroll down for the steps to achieve this one! There are several ways of achieving a zombie look, for this look I really wanted volume looked like oozing blisters and all that good stuff.. hahhaha lets get to it!

(please note that some images might not be pleasant to look at)


What you will need:

  1. Latex
  2. Fake Blood ( You can make fake blood by yourself, just scrape off your red lipstick and mix it with glycerine)
  3. Face Paints
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Tissue/ Cotton
  6. Glycerine
  7. Glue stick
  8. Vaseline



Cover your brows using a Glue stick, try to fltten the brow and stick it upwards.

Paint your face a pale color.


Apply latex using a sponge all over your face being careful not to go too close to your eyes. Aply vaseline overs the brows and on the hairline to protect it.



Stick tissues and cotton randomly on the latex before it dries and reapply a layer of latex. This will help us achieve a flesh like texture.


Let the latex dry, apply a lil talc on some zones to mattify and leave some zones shiny.

I mixed small crumbs of cauliflower in latex and applied shades of dark blue,red, brown and yellow, to give depth and contrast. 

To make it look more freaky tear open the latex at certain places to get a torn flesh effect, add dark tones of red and brown in these holes.

Around the eyes go with dark colors to give a dark look.


Add fake blood all over! Enjoy 😝

To get the oozing blisters effect I mixed green pigments with glycerine and added it to the volume part of the cauliflower.

To finish the look I put spooky lenses and added white paint to my mascara.

Hope you guys enjoyed doing this zombie look with me! Let me know if you try it!

🎃Happy Halloween! 🎃


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