Starry or Classic? Choose your Diwali Makeup 

Hello guys,

It’s time for some festival makeup, Diwali is around the corner so I am sharing a full glam look today! Do it the classic way or add more oomph with starry glam! You choose 👇🏽

  1. Start with a full coverage base, contoured and set with powder. 

2. Let’s do the eye makeup.

I use a black kohl pencil to do the base. Apply it roughly all over the lids.Blend the edges to soften it.


3. Apply black eyeshadow all over the base to fix it.

4. Apply a shade in the crease, I went with purple .. you can choose according to your outfit, blues, reds, greens all shades work! Blend the crease shade using a fluffy brush for a smudged effect.

5. Now add a highlight shade in the inner corner of the eye, again here you can opt for a gold bronze or any color of your choice, just make sure it’s a light shade to highlight the inner corner and bring contrast to this look.

Add glitters ✨ wet your brush with a setting spray, then dip into glitters and tap it on directly.

6. Intensify the lashes by adding a primer, mascara and false lashes. Don’t forget to curl your lashes before these steps for maximum impact.

with and without lashes

Finish with lipstick and a final coat of mascara!

To go to the starry Diwali makeup Look add stars of different sizes, I stuck them using Vaseline.. I noticed the result looks much better when I applied the Vaseline on a precise zone and stuck each star carefully.

Dont hesitate to add a few stars on the cheek bones to complete the look.

Have a great Diwali!

Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

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