Metallic Lipsticks a must have this festive season! 

Today we are talking about the festive season must have  Metallic Matte! If you are still in two minds if you can carry this bold lip look off, hold on.. I will take you through a step by step of how you can introduce the metal effect for a subtle to a super bold lip look 😉 I will also show you different ways in which I like to use my metallic lipsticks in my makeup, this will help you to decide if  you saying yes to metallic! Excited? Let’s get to it!

Three ways to use Metallic Matte Lipsticks :

1) Metallic Transparence

If it’s your first time trying out these lipsticks, and you are not sure if you can carry it off, start by adding the metallic lipsticks in transparence, so you can give yourself the time to fall in love with it. Also this is a beautiful way to dress up your matte lipstick.

Apply your matte lipstick all over your lips, then using your finger dab the metallic lipstick all over or just in the center depending on the result you are going for!

I used Limecrime Velvetines Beet it & Mercury

2. Total Metal

Apply 2-3 layers of metallic matte lipstick for an intense metal lip. Team it up with smoky eyes to add drama to this look.

I used Limecrime Velvetines Lana
3. 3D Metal
Apply the darker metallic shade all over the lips and the lighter shade at the center, press your lips slightly together to blend the shades. And there you go a 3-D metal lip!

I used Limecrime Velvetines Blondie & Lana

Metallic Experiments 

I love to use my Metallic Lipsticks in different ways in my makeup

1.As eyeshadow

Apply a small amount of liquid lipstick on your eyelid, then tap all over the eyelid to spread the product for a brilliant shine.. I couldn’t get the beautiful shine on my photos but I must tell you the result is so beautiful so shiny perfect for the holiday season!

I used Limecrime Velvetines Blondie

 2. Inner corner highlight 

I love to use it as an inner corner and brow bone highlighter, its metallic sheen makes my makeup glam in seconds. Control the intensity : dab with yr fingers for Metallic transparence or tap with a little dense brush for full shine effect.

I used Limecrime Velvetines Mercury

3. Metal Highlighter

Apply on the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and brow bone for a metallic strobe! Remember to blend quickly before the product dries to avoid a patchy result, you can even go over it with your favourite highlighting powder for an ultimate festival shine!

I used Limecrime Velvetines Blondie.

4. Metal lashes For a fun twist I like to use a little metallic lipstick on the tips of my eyelashes for a fun ombré eyelashes look! If you try this team it up with a matte lip and nude eye makeup to make the lashes really stand out!

I used Limecrime Velvetines Mercury

Some of my other favorite Metallic Mattes :

Kylie Jenner Lordbirthday
Kylie Jenner Reign

Jouer Cosmetics Praline Metallic

Liplites Metallic Mocha

Thanks for stopping by, let me know if metallics are on your makeup list this season I love to hear from you.

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Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

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