New YEAR, Old ME 

HELLO 2017,

With the arrival of the new year, we all are adamant to find and change into the ‘new me’. With setting of resolutions, from better diet plans to less alcohol consumption. We all have been there and surely done that. But personally I was never ever able to keep up to all my New Year resolutions till date.

Besides all this, ‘THE NEW YEAR, NEW ME’ is just a cliché. I prefer sticking with the old me. Over the years, (24 to be precise) the old me has grown, learnt and transformed; and I wouldn’t want to leave it all in a blink of an eye to become someone totally new.

So 2017, is not going to be about unveiling a new me, but about contouring a better version of myself!

I intend to this by pushing myself to the brink for the things I want to achieve, making memories rather than competing blindly in the rat race and, setting targets which will eventually help me to grow into a better person than I was yesterday.



2016 was the start of my career as well as the first year of our blog CHAI & LIPSTICK. So this year is going to be solely dedicated in finding a more grounded work position and getting the blog more organised, as well as learn from what we could better over the past months.

While we did get a great response and thousands of followers, a more systematic plan is what we choose to adhere to this coming year. By scheduling posts, knowing what is happening and getting involved with the larger blogger community. And ofcourse, knowing that things may not always go according to the plan due to various circumstances, but always being ready to move on and get back into the grind.

In short, we plan to give our followers more than what they got the previous year, so stay tuned!



Yes the years have made me what I am today. It has either presented me with something I can learn from or something I can cherish forever. On these lines, becoming a better human being and sharing great relationships with my family, boyfriend and friends is something I am looking forward to. I have always found myself burried in the depths of my books or getting so  involved into one thing that I eventually left out or blocked many other important things. I plan to focus on things that are important, prioritize and balance work and personal life, so I don’t leave behind the things that are important to me but move ahead with it all.

I am an over thinker, which according to me is a major drawback. Letting go of things, living more in the present rather than contemplating the future is a way in which I plan on growing myself. And lastly, being more spontaneous rather than holding myself back.

I may do all this and be extremely proud of myself, or I may be just the same and love me anyways. No matter what I will always work on bettering me, and 2017 gives me another year to work on myself.

Moreover 2017 is going to be a year full of memories, which I can look back to and say I did well. I will definitely not remember the things I kept up to with regard to my resolutions but those moments that made me happy it could be a great holiday, a chilled out time with friends, a promotion at work.

So let’s welcome 2017 with open arms, have targets which are not mandatory to check off and it’s definitely okay to stray away a bit. But remembering that we are a work in progress and we are only going to grow in the years to come. So be a better version of what you were last year.

Happy New Year!

Article by : Amanda Fernandes | Psychologist | India







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