Let CUPID strike your mind along with your heart this VALENTINE’S DAY! 

Valentine’s Day being around the corner, the day of celebration of love, I cannot help but wonder how many times we have found ourselves in a limbo when it comes to matters of the heart. Should we listen to that pounding, intuitive indications of our heart or should we side with the more rational aspects of our mind?
In reference to love, we all have heard the saying ‘follow your heart’; and for many of us that didn’t turn out so well. The same can be applicable to listening to your head, “over thinking” can create confusion and obscure feelings.

While both scenarios lead us to devastating ends, either with a broken heart or single and lonely. The wisest thing to do is “Follow your HEART wherever it may go, just don’t forget to bring your MIND along.”

Meeting someone you easily click with is exciting. At such junctures our hearts often shout out ‘take the leap, go for it’ but the mind may hold you back signing ‘it’s too early, be careful’.


The mind makes up who you are, while the heart is your essence. The mind has always been thought of as being brilliant, majestic, bearing the capacity to understand and reason; but at the same time can be caught up in trivial and meaningless matters which may lead to illogical insecurities and fears which often drive our lives and the decisions we make, many a times limiting us from what we can be.

The heart on the other hand shadows the pain, its kind, nurturing compassion and reservoir of love. Time and again while they are in contradiction, our intuitions can be looked at as signs of what we want, the mind is the watch guard helping us live within the safe lines, marked by experiences. While being vigilant is important, overdoing it can steal you of your desires, the extraordinary experience of providing happiness to yourself, because every one of us truly deserves to have that. So here is how we going to let Cupid strike us this Valentine.


We are right back to where we started, should we give in to our heart or play it safe and listen to our mind?

The answer from the very start was staring us in our eyes. It all lies within us, all I can say is for matters of love taking the plunge and falling head over heels driven by instincts can be the perfect guide to happiness but yet again watch for warning signs and engage the mind whenever needed.

So this Valentines let’s all think with our HEART and feel with our MIND for a change 😉


Article by : Amanda Fernandes | Psychologist | India






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