INDIA BEACH FASHION WEEK 2017 elements to add to your closet this season!

Ingrid and I are very excited to finally share this experience with you guys, we attended the Day 2 of IBFW.

The IBFW 2017 buzz engulfed Goa months before it’s actual date, and we were super excited to be invited first time as bloggers. The show took us completely by storm, we witnessed some ravishing and extraordinary designs presented by some very talented designers.

The designs ranged from trendy resort/ beach wear to  rich  Indian and western wear. Some elements really caught our eye and inspired us to use it in our everyday life to add a sparkle to our daily fashion. 

Some of the designers that made their appearance on day 2 were Sakshi K Relan, Amin Farista, Komal Panchal, Rachana Sansad, Lalit Dalmia, Sukriti & Aakriti. While each one showcased a variety of exceptional looks, all were unique and made a statement of their own.




Flood your closets with pastels- Sukriti and Aakriti presented some stunning designs, all in pastels.

The collection was inspired by unicorn colours and was called the Unicorn Tribe. A must add to our wardrobe, mellow and so easy to carry off. 


The ‘la mode’ collection by Lalit Dalmia showcased a vintage twist to a modern look.

The chic high slit dress was definitely a show stealer and something we can carry off for a festive occasion.The beach side show was indeed a treat for the eyes :).


Rachana Sansa’s show was a total yay moment! She put together some amazing designs which revolved around the famous hand prints and embroidery.

These never to go out of style, hand prints and embroidery are here to stay. A great blend to go with our everyday routine, simple yet so glamorous.


We so love them for a simple fact of being super comfortable and adding a wow look to our outfits in whole.

Komal Panchal did everyone proud by showcasing shoes in the best way ever. something we all can learn from keeping it simple never goes out of style.


Keeping up with our roots, yes I’m talking about the khadi cloth.

Amin Farista revolutionised the versatile Gandhi fabric in such a chic way. An outfit made of pure khadi fabric is a must have.


Sakshi K Relan lured the crowd with her collection called blurred lines inspired by the LGBT community. The chunky nose piece and flat causal footware complimented each look to perfection. Something we can use while attending EDM parties and on funky night outs.

These are some of the things we took back with us from the IBFW 2017. I hope you enjoyed reading. We would love to hear your views, which is your favorite IBFW runway  trend for this season?

Check out what we wore for the event and discover the behind the scenes as we prepped for the IBFW!

Article by : Amanda & Ingrid


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