🦄 New Spring Hair 🦄

Hi guys,

I am so excited to share my spring hair with you, spring brings with it a newness a freshness and I wanted exactly that for my hair this season! Follow me to check out my new spring hair. 

1) Bleaching

The first step is to bleach the hair, this step is important for the pigments to show well, and for the colors to pop! My hair artist Matthieu is a pro in this field, he knows how to get the hair light enough and balance it later with the colors.

Coconut and Keratin oil are a must do once a week for hair care, also try out this DIY hair mask to give your hair some much needed home pampering after a process like this.

2. Pigments 

Choosing your pigments are key to the result you want! I love to use Manic Panic hair pigments, they are really intense and have an amazing range of colors so you can go crazy 😜.

As for me I am goin with purple, but I always choose different nuances to have more contrast in my hair. This makes the result more interesting and gives volume and movement to your hair. I chose three shades of violet.

Matthieu applied this in streaks, starting with dark roots and then moving on the ends with the different colors.


Wash and Blowdry


The Result 


If you are in Paris this is the address of the salon where I got my hair done Samuel Rocher Paris. And get it done by Matthieu.

Enjoy yr Sunday guys 😘

Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

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