Say stop to these FOOLISH insta Makeup Trends. 

Hi gals,

We have been seeing a great deal of trends specially on social media that catch our attention. Some of these are truly exaggerated and though I am of the opinion ‘to each to his own’ , I really think these are the height of what we are seeing. We have to stop these foolish trends immediately!

1. Tattooed Freckles:

  1. Image1I personally love the natural skin frecles that you can achieve with makeup, but this is definately a real exaggeration. Freckles add a fun twist and make your skin look natural and sans makeup if done well. Getting your face tattooed to be a part of the trend sounds ridiculous! 


As much as I love a beautiful natural contouring, we saw a ton of crazy (unnecessary) designs on the face to do contouring, and it keeps getting more and more crazy. Let’s say stop 🛑 !

Using mad objects to do contouring is reaching it heights, fork, spoon and what not! Let’s just keep things simple and not follow these useless accessories just to gain attention on social media.

3. Absurd tools to apply makeup: 

Tampons, socks, bra silicone and condoms we are seeing it all, come on there are better ways to get creative, makeup is a moment of pleasure let’s not make it tacky! STOP!

4.  Body Contouring:

Contouring every possible part of the body, we are seeing it all! Say stop now! It’s not realistic, and not possible to be so obssesed to contour like crazy. Imagine spending hours contouring your body, elbows, toes!!! STOP!!!!!!!!


5. KYLIE Lips Obsession:

While overdrawing your lips to give a fuller look can be flattering, we are really seeing this go overboard on instgram. NO!!!!


I hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know which is the most foolish trend you have seen on instagram in the comments below :), Happy April Fools Day! Don’t let these foolish trends get you ;)! Check out our blogpost on Foolish Fashion Trends


Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

4 thoughts on “Say stop to these FOOLISH insta Makeup Trends. 

  1. Your article is both humorous and very truthful! Some of these new trends seem to be reaching too far, maybe for entertainment purposes? Regardless, you are exactly right. They have got to “STOP!” I wrote an article on using the condom for applying make-up as well, I was in shock when I wrote it, and I’m confident I’m still in shock about it now! Feel free to check it out on my site if you’re curious. You can also find the article at this link:

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