How to wear BLACK lipstick in spring. 

Hello Everyone,

Spring brings with it the pretty pastel, flowery and fresh vibes! I love to do my makeup according to the weather and so I get all my pastels, pinks and peachy shades out to flaunt the springy colors, but I realised in all this, I completely neglect my favorite dark shades berry’s, plums and mostly black!

Black lipstick in spring can not only make you stand out from the rest and make a statement but also bring out the softness of your spring outfit by adding an interesting contrast. In this post I will show you three ways to play with your black lipstick and how to carry it off this spring! Excited? Read on….



Apply your black lipstick straight up and bold, I like to team it up with a bold eyeliner and a clean full coverage complexion. As you see this look goes well with a white tee and fun earrings, so it’s super easy to team it up with your spring clothes.

  • Outline the lips using a Black Eye Pencil.
  • Apply a liquid matte black lipstick.

I used Liquid Matte Black 28 Night Bird  from Sephora. 


Use your black lipstick in transparence by mixing it with your lip balm, for this look I kept my skin dewy using a light foundation and adding highlighter to highten the glowy effect. This look is easy to carry with light colored spring clothes.

  • Mix your lip balm with a creamy black lipstick and a wine lipstick(optional).
  • Apply this all over the lips.
  • For added intensity tap the black lipstick gently all over the lips.

I used the black lipstick  Artist Rouge Creme C604 and dark purple Artist Rouge Creme C506 from Make Up For Ever.




To go with this high shine lip effect, I chose a smudgy eye makeup and a full coverage foundation. I wore this look with a really casual jean jacket and my hair tied into a little side braid to give the whole look a bold yet casual feel.

  • Apply a a black lipstick.
  • Add a high shine gloss in a balck or dark wine shade.
  • Use a black waterproof eye pencil to outline the lips and keep the lipstick locked in place.

I used Artist Acrylip 501 from Make Up For Ever.



I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you would dare to wear black this spring and which is your favorite look from the three.

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Article by : Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

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