4 Ways to welcome EASTER with a BALANCE rather than a BLAST.

40 days are almost up! 40 days of abstinence from our most strong urges and earthly privileges. Eagerly waiting for Easter, which for many of us means getting the wild side on, from a buffet of meat to a bottle down. 

A thing I often ponder over is why most of us do away with our most strong urges only 40 days of a year? Why don’t we incorporate the things we tried out this lent as a permanent change? The obvious answer to our motivation could be the numbered days, while incorporating changes as permanent just means living a different life and denying ourselves of some most pleasurable desires.

While lent is a period of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, it is also a way to replenish our body from the harms we put it through, throughout the year. So rather than being too hard on ourselves every year, by putting our body through extreme measures of anything, let’s adopt a more balanced lifestyle and not be too hard on ourselves the next lent season.

  • PICK A DAY – choose a day on which you can allow yourself to indulge and have some fun. For me usually that would be the weekend (Saturday), a day to have an extra drink than usual, have a big slice of cake. The idea is to have a balance and enjoy everything in moderation.GWINZ


  • KEEP YOUR WATER INTAKE HIGH – Water is the best drink to keep yourself hydrated and wash away toxins. It helps in digestion and it is especially important when the intake of alcohol is higher than usual.
  • SHAKE A LEG- sticking to a balanced diet is not the only thing you require to adopt to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It requires keeping your body active and on the move. Taking a walk/run, yoga, joining a gym, doing sports is indeed a great way to rejuvenate your body, mind and mood. So don’t just laze around, move and achieve something everyday.screenshot_2017-04-11-19-23-07_1.jpg
  • IT’S UP TO YOU – most important of all is to remember why you are doing this. Its not just a traditional ritual, but something you are doing for yourself, something you can hold on to longer than 40 days, something that is good for you, your body and mind. There are thousand ways in which you can adapt and make each decision more balanced and fun . An extra drink can be followed by a glass of water, making a meal healthier by ordering a side salad or having an extra fruit 🍉 , it’s all up to you.

I hope this Easter will be more than just breaking a lent and more about making a change.

Have a safe and happy Easter 🙂

Article by : Amanda Fernandes | Psychologist | India

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