5 Easy steps to make HAPPINESS become your new habit! 

Happiness for many of us is a life goal, or a myth we have long forgotten, because of all the stressors that pull us down every single day. As difficult and unbelievable as it may sound, every individual has the power of lifting themselves up and finding their happiness even in the most abrupt situations. Some life alterations can make happiness a habit rather than a long lost cause.

Here are 5 easy tips I have incorporated in my life so that everyday is happier and more fulfilling.

  • Dont fixate, Get over it:

It’s human nature to ruminate about silly life decisions, the actions of others and our own. It all begins in the mind, and this thinking interferes with our potential to achieving happiness. So rather than fixating on something that is the past now, a better, more ideal option would be to get over it. A silly life decision? Well, “laugh about it” rather than sulking, the doing of others should not really concern you and if you have doubts about youself, you might as well get up and work on it. Once you find yourself fixated on a problem the best solution is to focus your mind on something else. I like to remind myself that its okay to not have everything figured out and just live in the present rather than the past.

  • Laugh a little harder:

My favorite in the list and something I undertake rather seriously is laughing my heart out. It is the best way to feel lighter, relived and so much happier even in the worst situations. So even if it is forced, it is sure to work. Watch a funny movie, video or anything that will make you laugh, you will be amazed by what you experience next.


  • Add gratitude to your routine:

A very important thing I have added to my daily routine that makes me so much happier is being grateful. While we spend so much time contemplating  about the negatives in life,  doing the opposite is so much more fulfilling and satisfying. Everyday think of 5 things you are grateful about, you can even note it down. A simple tip for being happier and calmer in life.

Make Happiness a habit - Chai & Lipstick

  • Slow down a bit:

Yes, we are living in a fast paced world, and slowing down seems to be the last option. But for a while, stepping out of the rat race and letting down your hair can stimulate your senses, relax your mind and body and also rejuvenate you in unexplainable ways. Slow it down and be mindful of the world around, enjoy the taste of that great coffee or a delicious meal, the beautiful sky. Something small but so satisfying.

  • Get associated with positives:

We often speak about good vibes and surrounding ourselves with positive energy, but little do we know about it. We are responsible for finding and being associated with our positives. Stick around to friends with positive vibes, listen to happy songs, watch inspiring movies, because the positive is within you, set good vibes to attract some.

These simple life hacks and changes can make us all happiness addicts. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Which of the above is your favorite tip to making Happiness a habit? Let me know what you think, I love hearing from you, so do leave a comment below.

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photo credits : Naomi Rodrigues

Styling: Ingrid

Article by : Amanda Fernandes | Psychologist | India


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