I tried the Electrical Muscle Simulation (EMS) workout.

I recently tried out the Electrical Muscle Simulation (EMS), it was recommended to me by my colleague for its efficiency and no effort nature, the super lazy person that I am I was thrilled to try out a workout which required zero effects.

Read on to know my fun experience 🙂


It’s a new workout style that involves electric pulses sent through the body, this leads to muscle contraction and helps in toning the body. To learn more about EMS click here. It is said that one session of EMS workout is equal to three gyming sessions! does’nt that sound super amazing??? :p


I tried out the EMS workout at Action Sport in Paris.

You start filling up a form to check if you have any medical conditions that may affect you if you go through this workout.

Electrical Muscle Simulation - Chai & Lipstick
After this you are given a moistened vest,  connected to an EMS machine that places electrodes all over your body on different muscle groups. The coach helps you with all this and makes sure that all your muscles are covered with the pads through which the electrical pulses are sent.

Electrical Muscle Simulation - Chai & Lipstick
After all the connections are in place, the coach does a test to see your resistance level, he passes the electrical pulse through each pad and you can adjust your level.

Once all the electrical pulses level is defined starts the workout. This includes some easy exercises, the coach guides you throughout. While you do the exercises you have to contract your muscles and the electrical pulses reinforces this. It gives a funny tingly feeling, no pain.

The workout lasts around 20 minutes and is very effective because you use all your muscles in the workout unlike any gym session. Electrical Muscle Simulation - Chai & Lipstick


Yes! I would love to complement my gym sessions with the EMS workout. The price is a little high but I think it is worth the results.

I tried the EMS workout only once and this article is purely my personal experience, I am not aware of any side effects or medical problems that may occur, so please check well before going for it.

What do you think about this new workout trend? Would you try it out? Let me know in comments.

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Article by : Mellissa Fernandes| 🇫🇷


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