Summer Eco Friendly Fashion –   Chai & Lipstick discovers Sunieta Narayana!

Summer is our favorite time to wear bold, statement, pop colors and have fun with our clothes, it’s a time of the year that keeps us on our toes to find the coolest fashion trends, and in our hunt we discovered Sunieta Narayana! 

Ingrid is always on the hunt for creative pieces and I love playing muse to her. While Ingrid picked some really cool pieces at ‘People Tree’ in the wilderness of assagao, a creative haven started by a group of creativity passionate people, I was busy chatting and getting to know Sunieta herself, her inspiring energy and love for fashion was conveyed through her work. Her designs were bold and had the potential to make an outstanding statement to check it out click here – Sunieta Narayana.

Who is Sunieta Narayana? 

An environmental engineer by qualification and self taught fashion designer, Sunieta shows versitility and innovation when it comes to style in her collection. Her designs are environment friendly and hand-made in Goa, they are available in retail outlets in Goa, Mumbai and Delhi.

“I like experimenting and having fun with my designs! I mix old with new, bold with neutral, bright with dull, jewellery with apparel or footwear and so on. I also design in a way where you get to have fun with it too.” said Sunieta talking about her inspirations.

We were looking for something cool but original and we found that in Sunieta’s collection. When asked to describe the girl who wears Sunieta Narayana designs she said “Women that have an individualistic sense of style, eco conscious and know better than to wear mass produced items that the rest of the world are wearing, want quality over quantity and shop from independent designer labels making one of a kind purchases”

She advices aspiring designers to “Create, commit and don’t give up! Be yourself, however crazy that might seem, just be you. No need to follow trends, go make your own instead.”

More about our looks: 

Ingrid put together our looks wanting to give it a more boho feel. For herself Ingrid chose a vibrant and fresh summer look. A peach, cotton, below knee length, side flare paneled dress, with impressive chikankari hand embroidery from Lucknow. Messy, fake dreads, styled with feathers for the hair and some pretty finger rings  were used as accessories to put this look together.

As for me Ingrid chose a strong look. A black, lose fitted, low back, deep neck, with gathers from neck to below. The dress was so versatile that she decided to pair it with a pink ahimsa silk jacket, with kutch embroidery. It gave the overall outfit more color and an indo-western look. For the final touch Ingrid added an old high waist belt and Sunieta Narayana’s eco neck piece and bracelet.

To complete the look Manasi (aka Hairspray and the artist) gave Ingrid a beautiful sunkissed complexion, smokey eyes with nude lips and for me a sultry gold smokey eye teamed with a copperish red lipstick, for my hair she chose to do the trendy half bun with extensions.

We had a lot of fun shooting this and I hope you love it too. Check out our pics and let me know what you think.

Sunieta Narayana Fashion x Chai and LipstickSunieta Narayana Fashion x Chai and LipstickSunieta Narayana Fashion x Chai and Lipstick
Photographer: Foto Manipulationz

Designer: Sunieta Narayana

Styling: Ingrid Fernandes

Makeup and Hair: Manasi Mulherkar (Hairspray and the artist)

Article by : Amanda Fernandes | Psychologist |Fashion Addict | India

 Chai and Lipstick


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