Let’s raid Daddy’s cool closet! Father’s Day special.

It’s almost father’s day, and excited as we our to celebrate our special man, it can be an apt time to uplift our style quotient ‘the dada’s way’. Yes girls today we can learn how to use our fathers’ attire in a more girly and fahionable way.

So here are two ways in which I  created looks using my dads clothes.

1.White shirt and black trousers.

Father's Day Fashion

Basic white shirt styled into an off shoulder knotten shirt. Paired with black trousers which I wore high waist with a belt to secure its place which also created pleats.

Father's Day Fashion

2. Striped shirt.

I took my dad’s striped shirt and buttoned it without wearing the sleeves but tying them behind as a belt creating a cute tube dress. I could totally rock this look at the beach or a casual Sunday brunch .

Father's Day Fashion
So this Father’s day lets celebrate being daddy’s girl in daddy’s clothes.<3

Father's Day Fashion

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Article by : Ingrid Fernandes | Fashion Designer | 🇮🇳

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