Bloggers Ball 2017

This was my first event as a blogger and I was very nervous and excited to attend the Bloggers Ball😊. This event was organized by the lovely Scarlett and she organizes many similar events with bloggers. The venue of the ball was The Trading House a beautiful pub on Gresham street.

Bloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and Lipstick

I reached the venue and there she was Scarlett welcoming all the bloggers making everyone feel comfortable. I went alone for the event so I was a little nervous as this was my first official blogger event, but I forgot my nervousness, as everyone was so sweet and I had a chance to meet many interesting bloggers and talk to them about ‘blogging things’. I left making some friends Isa WondersMavis and Afshan Nasim do check them out.Bloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and LipstickBloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and Lipstick


The brands present:

There were many brand stalls, and I got some awesome samples 🙂

lipivir Bloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and Lipstick
Lipivir created this product which can prevent cold sores from developing. Cold sores are ugly and painful and I do suffer from this nasty thing often :(. I knew they had a stall at the ball so I headed first to this stall. I would definitely like to try this and write my experience with this new product ( I’m hoping I don’t get one anytime soon🙈).

Bloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and Lipstick Bloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and Lipstick
The Lipivir stall had the glitter lip activity which kept many bloggers involved and I got mine too😬. I loved my glitter lips

Bloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and Lipstick

Mox LND is a recently launched company that makes magical looking  bath elixirs. This was one of my favourite stall as I love bath bombs. They had five different bath bombs and each had their unique smell and color. I got mine for £10 and can’t wait to share my experience with you guys.

Sandisk is well known for their storage devices, they stall gave us many tips to improve our photography for  blogposts. The gave all the bloggers a sample of their new ixpand flash drive designed for phone, iPad and computers, where we can connect the phone directly and store photos and videos automatically. This is something I am going to use for sure 🙂

Bloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and Lipstick

AQ Skin solutions is a skincare brand, they specialise in anti aging skincare products. They have a great range of products dealing with all types of problems from skin to hair.

Bloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and LipstickBloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and Lipstick

  • Smoothskin IPL

I had never heard of this brand before, but  I’m very keen on trying this device for laser hair removal at home. This device claims to reduce hair permantly within 12 weeks of using this for 10 minutes once a week. I did enter the lucky draw where they would give 10 lucky winners free device( fingers crossed😊)

The event was amazing  and we got so many gifts and samples from this event and can’t wait to review these products. What I really loved about this event was the interaction between the brands and different fellow bloggers from London.


As it was our first bloggers event we had to prepare a few things. We made business cards and leaflets, so that we could give these to the brands they were present at the ball and also to fellow bloggers.

Bloggers Ball 2017 - Chai and Lipstick
What I wore: 

Choosing the perfect out can get difficult, after a lot of research I found my perfect outfit, check out my outfit details here.

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Article by : Rachel Fernandes | Lawyer,Cosmetics Formulator, Beauty Addict | 🇬🇧




14 thoughts on “Bloggers Ball 2017

  1. Great blog post and pics! It was great meeting you at the event! I too was on my own, so it was nice to speak to you, you were very friendly. Thanks also for the feature. 😁


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