The French Girl Beauty Rules: What I learnt from living in Paris for 6 years!

Before living in Paris I had a very different vision of the French Beauty, being the fashion capital of the world, I expected the roads to be a real life runway! But to my surprise the French women have an “effortless” style, laid back yet polished, elegant without loosing their personal essence. Today’s article is all about the french beauty, and how french girls inspire the world with their unique beauty standards!


Let’s start with the famous 18th century French Queen Marie Antoinette, she is known for her exhuberant-over the top style and extensive beauty routines, she plays muse to many fashion designers and other artists even today. If we look at this era, the skin was very pale, loads of makeup, worn with big bold hairdo’s.

Contrarily, today’s French girl wants to project a strong, smart and powerful image of herself rather than a sex bomb. In short, she’d rather be known for her brains than her appearance, and that’s from where the art of never too done up french style originates. Here are a few rules to follow if you want to master the ultimate french girl style:

  •  Less is more:

The French live by this rule, they will never go over board, they know how to dress down a bold red lip with a “messy- just got out of bed hair”. They will break a “too dressed up” look of a dressy skirt by pairing it with comfy sneakers. The “trying too hard” is so not french!

charlotte gainsbourg French beauty - chai and lipstick

Charlotte Gainsbourg pic credits: Google images

  • Signature Style:

French Girls embrace their unique traits like freckles, gapped teeth etc. This is what makes them unique and sets them apart. They use this to put forward a unique signature style. Rather than transforming themselves to recieve the “ideal beauty” tag they use their not so perfectness in their favor instead of hiding it. I love this about the french women they seem so comfortable with themselves.

vanessaparadis - french beauty standards

Vanessa Paradis pic credits: Google images


  • Up the perfume:

Perfumes became particularly popular in Europe during the time of the Renaissance, during that time, perfumes were mainly used to hide the odours of unwashed bodies.

Today, perfumes play a big part of the beauty routine of French Girls, while some have their signature perfumes, many love to use the perfumes to play up their mood!

perfume french beauty standards Chai and Lipstick

pic crdeit: shutterstock


  • Use Makeup to add freshness:

    Great skin is of utmost importance to French girls, Thats why they prefer to use makeup just to sublimate their already beautiful skin. Loads of layers is a big no no, they love to use very little concealer, with bronzer and blush for a “bonne mine”. Occasionally a red lip or a smoky eye to play up the look, is not uncommon. The french girls also love to experiment with different colors – in lipsticks or eyemakeup, but never the two together!

marion cotillard

Marion Cotillard pic credits: Google images

I love the french style, it is all about embracing your personality and what makes you unique. I would like to thank my friend Chloé who helped me with this article and confirm my interpretation of the French Beauty!

I hope you enjoyed reading. if yes share it with your favorite gals and while Ul at it check out Our Red, White and Blue Picks for Bastille Day! Find us on Instagram/ FacebookTwitter @chaiandlipstick

Article by: Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | Paris


12 thoughts on “The French Girl Beauty Rules: What I learnt from living in Paris for 6 years!

  1. Great post! I think there’s so much to learn from French girls’ style, especially nowadays with all the heavy makeup looks that have been popularised on youtube/instagram x

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