The perfect Goan getaway: Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel

Within the walls of what we call home, Ingrid and I discovered a place which captures the true essence of Goa.  Tiracol a small village bordering Goa and Maharashtra, documents the culture of Goa to its deepest roots. Amongst the 100 catholic houses of the little village, is a star attraction, the 16th century Fortress  (turned boutique hotel), we had the pleasure of staying at: FORT TIRACOL HERITAGE HOTEL.

For our sister getaway, we were looking for a place to leave behind the stress and reconnect with each other,  to our pleasant surprise we were not only able to do just that but came back home feeling more connected than ever to our homeland GOA!


A hotel well known for its Portuguese architecture and it’s spine-tingling view of the Arabian Sea and Tiracol river, Fort Tiracol, currently run by Rainer Stoll, encases history coupled with a sparkle of luxury, and we were all excited to explore this place.

To get there it was approximately a one and a half hour drive from Panjim through winding roads covered with greenery.Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

On arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the humble staff. The Check-In was super quick, we were showed to our room and given a little tour around the hotel. Fort Tiracol Hotel is unique with its towering structure around a charismatic church, even today the local villagers have access to it .

Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage HotelThe idea of naming the hotels’ seven rooms ( which include two suites) after the days of the week is indeed quite impressive and a creative.

After touring around the hotel, we made our way to the restaurant lounge bar and verandah which overlooks a splendid view.


Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

Saturday was our home for 24 hours and I have to say – it was simply beautiful.

The décor follows a very Portuguese chic style and instantly gave me the “WOW” feeling.  The bed, shower etc. are all modern, in short you have everything you need with a contemporary touch in a historical framework.

Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

Our room was grand and had the most pretty princess draped bed ( I must mention it was one of the coziest bed I’ve slept in) with a spacious bathroom. My sister and I are a little obsessed with well designed bathrooms. The bathroom at Fort Tiracol heritage hotel truly lived up to and more than our expectations.  It had a classic design, very spacious, it had luxurious amenities including fluffy robes  (none of the items made it to our ‘toiletries stealing list’:p).

Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa


My favorite was the sea facing balcony, the view is to die for, the fresh air was truly a transcendent feeling.  It could be the perfect spot to pen down a beautiful blog post (no work done that day :p). We really spent the most beautiful time ever in the balcony that night, the sound of the sea waves added to the magic.Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

Since the hotel has just 7 rooms, keep the view in mind while making your reservation, as Saturday is on a greater height you have an unusually striking view from this room.




The food was not top notch, I am joking!!!  I loved the fact that the menu consisted a mix of Portuguese and Indian with a blend of Goan local delights. Even though we are tiny girls we love to eat.

Tavern Restaraunt Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

The candle light dinner was just what we needed to relish the evening, the ambiance was so serene and set the perfect mood to relax, the only music to our ears was the sea waves. 

We had a 3 course meal with a bottle of wine and yes everything was impressive.

For starters we had the Basil & Sashimi Paneer and Crumb Fried Fish with tartar sauce. For the main course, I had Beef Mandallions over french beans, baby potatoes and cherry tomato concase, served with a demi dace sauce, just writing about it makes my mouth water :p My grave concern was the way the beef was cooked which for me needed to be a medium rare, and yes the chef did a brilliant job! Ingrid ordered the Fillet of fresh fish with a goan chorizo crust on puree potato and spinach. A well cooked dish with a combination of flavors a treat for your taste buds. We ended the meal with a simple scoop of mother dairy vanilla ice cream as we were too full.

Tavern Restaraunt Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

Tavern restaraunt Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

Tavern restaraunt Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

TAVERN RESTARANT Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa


Overall dinner was delicious and sumptuous, bravo to the chef!

Sea side breakfast the next day, a cup of hot cappuccino and the view (still can’t get over it) is a dream to wake up to.  A simple yet filling breakfast, we had eggs (a range you can choose from)  with bacon and toast with perfectly blended pineapple juice.

Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa


It was a very simple yet elegant restaurant and so very peaceful – the thing I liked the most. An added bonus to the restaurant and the hotel is their welcoming and dedicated staff. A special shout out to Mr Francis who catered so well, a truly warm and friendly man.Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa


The Tavern restaurant is reasonably priced and a great spot even if it is just to have a meal. You will enjoy every bit of it.



 Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

As we stayed just for a day, we did try to fit everything we could in our limited time. The hotel has alot of planned activities from water sports, fishing, the village walk, trips and picnics to the beach.VIEW FROM  Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

Because of time constrains and it being the monsoon season, water activities were beyond the question. We did have the opportunity to go for a village walk and it is something I highly recommend. Mr Agnelo, a localite showed us around the village. The walk will give you a peek into the true lives of goans and the Goan culture. TIRACOL VILLAGE activities at Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel Goa

It was enligtening for me as well even though I am Goan , to see the plight of this small village and how they are trying in every way to preserve and uphold the Goan culture, I feel so proud of them and it motivates me to do the same, to protect our culture and heritage from being lost.  The walk can be a bit exhausting, but Mr Agnelo’s enthusiasm and pride for our land made it all fun!

We also spent time trekking across the grounds around the hotel, this is highly recommended for a perfect sunset view. The cliff, low lying caves, the rocky route, fresh air, blue skies and the beautiful sea is just incredible, all out of a postcard! Do remember to wear comfy shoes :p .


Chai and Lipstick at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel GoaIt was indeed a pleasant experience to be surrounded with nature and appreciate such scenic beauty. While planning your holiday keep in mind the best months to visit the hotel so you can enjoy all the activities would be October to April (but I would also recommend going there in the monsoon season, because there’s a ton of things to do and as ours was an awesome exerience).


The hotel is really splendid with a mesmeric view (I know I am saying this for the 100th time :p) – the service was excellent. The originality of the interiors and the vibe of the place were so positive. And most importantly it tries and captures the true soul of Goa and that is what  impressed me the most.

So without a doubt, our stay at the Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel was exceptional and definitely a terrific experience, a great culmination to the most amazing sister getaway ever!

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Article by : Amanda Fernandes | Psychologist | India



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