Let’s beat the heat with VINYL Makeup this summer!

This makeup inspiration definitely came from beating the heat, a need for freshness, a splash of water, what else beats the heat like a dewy cooling vinyl makeup! Pop glossy lids with a touch of juicy blurred lips. I have listed the products I used below: Cool It the VINYL way 😉


MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterblend Foundation

GIRLACTIK bronze Faceglow
BOURJOIS Peach Blush

Chai & Lipstick - glossy Makeup Tutorial

MAKE UP FOR EVER Limegreen Aquamatic
CHANEL Transparent Volume Gloss
MAKE UP FOR EVER AQua Smoky Lash Mascara


MAC In Anticipation Lip Pencil
LIMECRIME Velvetines Teddybear
BENEFIT COSMETICS sugarbomb lipgloss

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Article by: Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | Paris

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