2 Easy ways to REINVENT your OLD JEANS!

Denim’s are an all time classic and they always find their way to the trend list, whether it’s summer or fall.

We all own those pair of jeans that we hardly use but can never throw away, so to celebrate the denim reign I thought- how about up cycling them! Reinvented jeans are environment-friendly and so much more stylish. I teamed up with Shruti to do a fun photoshoot for this one. Shruti with her great fashion sense and girly naughty side was the perfect muse to my denim inspiration, I will link her blog below so you guys can check her out!

Scroll down to check out our pics and also to learn the step by step DIY.

1. Shruti is wearing: CUT OUT POCKET Style

DIY old jeans

Let’s get this done:

Reinventing old denims tutorialAll u will need is a pair of scissors n your jeans. No ripping or sewing needed.

Reinventing old denims tutorial

Carefully cut out the pocket making sure t keep the edges neat.

Reinventing old denims tutorial

This style is a great way to show off your lovely hip bones. They can also be styled by wearing it with textured stocking.

reinvent jeans tutorial - chai & lipstick

2.I am wearing: DOUBLE SLIT SKIRTDIY old jeans

The double slit skirt is a little more tricky. You will have to start by ripping the entire inseam of both legs till the crotch point.

reinvent jeans tutorial
reinvent jeans tutorial

reinvent jeans tutorial - chai & lipstick
Then by simply sewing the inseams of the front together n back together till the point of proper slit height.


This skirt can be teamed with a pair of heels to give it a more dressy look or with sneakers for a laid back effect. reinvent jeans tutorial - chai & lipstick

Do check out Shruti’s blog: HERE and find her on Instagram HERE.

Photographer Martin: HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY article, as it is the back to school season I thought it could be helpful to use your old jeans and make a new fashion statement.

Find us on InstagramFacebook/ Twitter @chaiandlipstick. Catch you soon with some more fun articles on DIY fashion 😉

Have a great weekend!

Article by : Ingrid Fernandes | Fashion Designer | 🇮🇳

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