Boob Tee- A Fun Fashion statement.

Hey guys,

Today I am sharing my weekend outfit with you. I wore a fun fashion statement t-shirt. A tee with a boob print, I think besides being funny what really makes this t-shirt special is its underlying message ” Look me in the eyes when you speak to me”. I am not a feminist but I think using fashion to build awareness and send a message is just great!

Boob Tee - Chai & Lipstick

I teamed my white tee with a faux leather skirt and my favorite combat boots.

I sleeked my hair back with some gel and added hoop earrings for a dressy effect.Boob Tee - Chai & Lipstick

Click HERE to check out my look.

Even celebrities like Kendall JENNER, who loves using her platform to create awareness, was spotted wearing this tee. I put together some favorites picks for you to check it out click HERE.

Credits: Google images

Let me know in comments what you think of statement tees like this: Yay or Nay?

Catch you soon with some more fun fashion looks. Find us on InstagramFacebook/ Twitter @chaiandlipstick.

Have a great week ahead!

Article by : Ingrid Fernandes | Fashion Designer | 🇮🇳





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