Vogue Fashion Festival Paris 2017

Hey guys,

I just got back from a luxurious event – The VOGUE Fashion Festival 2017 Paris. I attended a masterclass on ‘ Fashion Journalism at Vogue’. Hoping to go back with great tips and fashion inspiration from some visionary leaders at Vogue Paris. Scroll down to read more about my experience.The Venue:

This two-day event was held at the lavish Hotel Potocki which is a symbol of classic French architecture. It’s magnificent decor and red carpet staircase made it just the perfect venue to hold a Vogue event!
Chai & Lipstick blogger at Vogue Fashion Festival Paris 2017


Chai & Lipstick blogger at Vogue Fashion Festival Paris 2017

The Speakers:

The speakers of the masterclass were Emmanuelle Alt(Vogue Paris Editor at chief), Olivier Lalanne (Deputy Editor in chief Vogue Paris) and Aleksandra Woroniecka ( Fashion Editor in chief Vogue Paris).

These highly successful fashion editors had a lot of tips to share with us during the masterclass, I am going to share a few important ones with you here, it might be helpful if you are a blogger like me or looking to make your career in the fashion industry or simply a fashion addict.

Chai & Lipstick blogger at Vogue Fashion Festival Paris 2017


Tips and Tricks from the experts:

  • The main tip to get into any important fashion position would be to have a very good base of general knowledge and everything to with fashion – its history/ the icons etc. to be able to have an upper hand. This will not only give you references to create good content but also give you an edge over others of how to mix and match old and new.
  • To get in any important fashion position, the most important is to get in – whether it’s a coffee serving job or whatever it doesn’t matter. Once you are in you can get a chance to prove yourself, show your talents and build your career upwards by making people consider you by showing your points of differentiation.
  • Enjoy every step of your career. Don’t just wait to get to the next step. Whatever position you are at it is important that you enjoy it to the maximum and give it your everything. Only then will you work your way higher.
  • It’s not about where you come from, it’s about where you want to go! Olivier Lalanne gave us his own example: Being a son of a butcher he made his way to be editor of Vogue just because he followed his heart, worked hard and had luck on his side!
  • In the time of digitalization, print magazines are struggling to keep things different. The secret is to be original and not give the readers the same content they see everywhere. Quality matters!
  • Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile: if you are a young designer, you can write to magazines talking about your work. Send them pictures of your clothes, you never know what turn your career might take!
  • In a world of buzz keep the mystery: the secret to a successful print magazine is that they don’t reveal everything, they keep things for the last moment, to keep the mystery going and also give the readers something original something they didn’t hear of!

There was a lot more but here I gave you my top favorites, I think it can be helpful in no matter which field you are, there is something for everyone.

What I Wore:

I kept it really basic, as they say when in doubt just wear black. I followed that with a simple black outfit, statement earrings, I kept the makeup simple in nude tones and my hair tied back in a sleek bun! Check out my outfit details HERE.

Some more…

Chai & Lipstick blogger at Vogue Fashion Festival Paris 2017

Chai & Lipstick blogger at Vogue Fashion Festival Paris 2017

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Article by: Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷

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