Holiday Gift Options – for EARRING LOVERS!

Hello guys 🙂

The holiday season is approaching and I have already started shopping presents for my loved ones. This December we four sisters will be reunited after a long long time in our homeland GOA. We are so looking forward to this grand reunion, and can’t wait to share all our adventures with you guys. Do follow us on INSTAGRAM for live updates n our insta stories and for all news from us and our blog posts on our wall. So for this first post on Holiday Gift options, we chose to write about accessories! We found this awesome jewelry site Bauble Bar that has loads of discounts and a special 30% off on the personalized collection using the code GIFT30  (Valid till 11/12 so make sure you order in time to benefit of the discount!) Scroll down to check out our favorites:

Tassel Earrings:

Tassels are so trendy these days, you can find them on bags, shoes n even earrings.

Our fav fashion blogger Sazan, rocking the tassel earrings!sazan

  1. Catalina Tassel:





Click HERE to check them out







2) Roselina Tassel:





Click HERE to check this out.




3) Gabriela Stud Fringe:





Click HERE  to check them out!





4)Myan Drop Earrings




Click HERE to check them out.






5) Corsetta Tassel:




Click HERE to check them out.

Bonbon Earrings: 

Famous Fashion blogger Marianna Hewitt rocking the bonbon earrings!


1) Petite Glass Drop Earrings
holiday gift ideas - earrings



Click HERE to check this out.




2)Sequin Ball Drop Earrings



Click HERE to check them out.




3) Mya Drops




Click HERE to check them out.





4) Sequin Ball Drop:



Click HERE to check this out.




5) Metallic Crispin Ball Drop:




Click HERE to check this out!


earring gift options - chai & lipstick


Sardinia Earrings:





Click HERE to check these out.




2) Pavana Hoops:





Click HERE to check them out.




3) Amadea Hoops:




Click HEREto check these out!

POM POM Earrings:

gift holiday ideas - chai & lipstick

  1. Bebe Marten Fur Pompoms:




Click HERE to check them out.






2) Fur Pompoms:




Click HERE to check them out!





Hope you guys enjoyed these picks, don’t forget to check out Bauble Bar’s personalized collection which can make for really sweet gifts. Do subscribe to our blog to be the first to receive updates from us and special giveaways! Click HERE to subscribe.

Catch you soon with more gifting ideas and other fun blog posts.

Have a great week ahead and Happy shopping 🙂

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Article by: Mellissa Fernandes | France

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