Glazed Skin: The new way to wear your complexion!

Yayyyy spring is here!!! Get ready friends, I am going to share a series of my favorite trends to follow this season, today I will show you how to glaze your skin- yes you heard it right! Glazed skin is the new skin trend, seen all over runway shows, this trend was born in Korea/ Japan and is being adopted by many makeup pros to give their models the fresh, beautiful, healthy looking skin! Ready to get glazed? Scroll down…spring 2018 Makeup trend - glazed skin by Chai & Lipstick

The most important step for glazed skin is to have a good base, caring for your skin is of utmost importance to have a beautiful glazed finish. This is not the kind of makeup that will help you hide imperfections…in fact, you are going to put forward your healthy skin. Face scrubs, regular facials, a good skincare routine and of course a balanced diet are key factors in achieving great skin.

Step 1

spring 2018 Makeup trend - glazed skin by Chai & Lipstick

Start by spot correcting, apply your concealer on the undereye area, sides of the nose etc or any other zones that need a light cover-up. Use very little product and using a fluffy brush, make circular motions to blend the product.

I used L’Oreal True match concealer.

Step 2

glazed skin

Remember that we are going to layer different products to get the flawless effect we are looking for, be very careful to use a really small amount of product each time.

Now using your fingers gently rub a shimmer base all over the face.

I used Black Up strobing primer.

Step 3

spring 2018 Makeup trend - glazed skin by Chai & Lipstick

Now use a water-based light coverage foundation all over the face, this will ensure that the skin is even all over. Use a big fluffy brush with buffing motions to diffuse the product well.

I used MAKE UP  FOR EVER Waterblend foundation.

Step 4

Now instead of a powder, I am going to use my highlighter palette to fix my foundation base. Sounds fun? It sure is 🤩 this is when you go crazy with a highlighter, without turning into a disco ball. Don’ use a highlighter that has glitter in it. Remember to dose well, start with little product and build it up as necessary by layering on top. Play with different shades, I used the gold on my cheekbones, nose and brow bone. I use the coppery shade to sculpt. The pink shades went on as the blush! With what’s left on the brush, do the rest of the face.

spring 2018 Makeup trend - glazed skin by Chai & Lipstick

It is very very important that you take your time with the highlighter, this is the crucial step to get a glazed skin. Massage the highlighter into your skin, using circular motions. Work it till it looks like it’s your skin. It should not have any powder texture- you will know when to stop working the highlighter when you see that product has completely blended into your skin and gives it almost a glass-like effect.

There are many ways to glaze your skin, you can use all cream products, or face oils etc. But I love this method, as it is more long lasting and doesn’t need too much touch up.

I used the Sam Marcel highlighter palette.


I kept the eyes really simple as the focus of this makeup is the skin. I applied a pink eyeshadow in the crease of my eyelid. And blended it upwards. This should be a soft poetic touch, don’t hesitate to experiment this with other pastels 🌸

spring 2018 Makeup trend - glazed skin by Chai & Lipstick

To give this super simple eye look an ultra modern finish I blended the eyeshadow into the eyebrow (at the beginning of the brow). This subtle gesture will make the whole look even more trendy!

spring 2018 Makeup trend - glazed skin by Chai & Lipstick


To finish add a light gloss, I love to keep my lips hydrated nourished and yet have a sweet pink juicy tint! I used MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Booster – Cinema.

spring 2018 Makeup trend - glazed skin by Chai & Lipstick

And that’s it guys, I really hope you enjoyed creating this look with me 😊 please do share your recreations on Instagram using hashtag #chaiandlipstick. Here is a little video, as it was really difficult to capture the result well.

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Article by: Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷


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