Pregnancy Fashion: How I styled my bump on my babymoon.

A growing belly is not always the easiest to style, finding the right maternity clothes can be a challenging task and I’m happy to share with you a few brands I came across that have helped me stay stylish during this time! Scroll down to check out what I wore during my trip to Malta, hope this inspires the fashionista future mommy’s out there 🙂

  • Floral dress

pregnancy fashion - babymoon

You can never go wrong with florals, and this dress was just perfect to get in spring. I bought this cute floral dress from Boohoo, they have an amazing range of maternity clothing.

what to wear during pregnancy - 2nd trimester

Click HERE for other cute floral maternity dresses.

  • Lace-up dress

2nd trimester pregnancy dresses

I got this lace-up dress from Primark, this dress is not from a maternity section, but it is ideal for the second-semester bump, and the lace-up style is great for breastfeeding post pregnancy.

how to style your bump second trimester

Digging the Lace-up style? Check out some other cute lace-up maternity dresses HERE.

  • Blue Jeans with a white tee

what to wear during pregnancy - chai & lipstick fashion

This classic look can never go out of style, I got the jeans from Maternity section of H&M, and teamed them up with a ruffles white tee and a trench coat. This look is simple yet stylish. To complete the look wear your favorite comfortable sneakers.

Chai & Lipstick pregnancy fashion

Check out my other picks for this style HERE.

  • Bodycon dress

pregnancy fashion tips 2018 summer

A bodycon dress is perfect as it can stretch and accommodate your growing bump. These dresses are very comfortable and can be perfect for the day or night. I got this cutie from Primark and teamed them up with my favorite trainers. The holographic cap is from the kid’s section of Primark!

summer fashion 2018 pregnant and stylish

I found some other really cute bodycon dresses for maternity, click HERE, to check them out.

  • Maxi dress

how to dress up during pregnancy

No holiday can be complete without a maxi dress. I got this dress from PinkBlush Maternity. Do check out my previous post on this brand, which has an amazing collection of maternity including swimwear.

Click HERE for other ultra stylish maxi maternity dresses!

I hope you enjoyed this fashion roundup with me, let me know what is your favorite look in comments and yes do share other maternity brands you are loving 🙂 Don’t forget to read the article on my Babymoonwhere I have listed tips for traveling during pregnancy.

Have a great weekend guys,  catch you soon with another post.

Article by: Rachel Fernandes | Lawyer, Cosmetics Formulator, Beauty Addict | 🇬🇧



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