Chilled & Chilly mood at Habanero Goa!!

Hey guys,

Spring sun is hitting hard in Goa and is time to lock up those black outfits and bring out those all-whites. Even though this is one of the most difficult outfits to pull off it is also one of the coolest. So today I’m going to share with you the ways to pull of an all-whiter.

And to add to those heaty vibes, Jude & I are taking you to one of Goa’s best Mexican restaurant ‘Habenero’. Ready for a chilled chilly weekend? Scroll downtips to wear all white - fashion spring 2018

Here are some tips to help you carry off an all-white outfit

◆ wear different materials and textures

◆ Add a hint of colour.(e.i belt, bag or shoes)

◆ Always always always carry an instant stain remover. 😛

spring fashion - Chai & Lipstick bloggers

All white ootd – Details

Tee: Zara

Skirt: local retail store

Fanny pack: Primark

Heels: She In

Ready for some Chilly??? Let’s go Habanero…

mexican restaraunt in Goa - Habanero

Located in the buzzing town of Baga, hidden in a tiny lane that won’t miss your eyes is this colorful and super stylish Tex-Mex restaurant Habanero.

The ambiance of this place is simply amazing. From graffiti walls to the picnic seating, garden style venue everything is just outstanding and complement each other very well.

As most other places in Baga, parking is not a problem in this tiny lane as the restaurant has a valet parking.

restaraunt review - Habanero Goa

habanero Goa review _ Chai & Lipstick

Jude and I were enlivened by the Mexican spirit and were eager to try the food. We started off with beer tasting. Habanero actually brews its own beer called Susegado which comes in many varieties, we tried the three below. I am super excited about these new beers which are actually brewed in Goa, and make you live a Goan experience with every sip.

Susegado Beers Goa - handcrafted beers from Goa

susegado beers at Habanero Goa

1.Susegado Patrao (vanilla Porter).

2.Susegado Trigo (mango wheat beer)

3.Susegado Indian (pale ale beer)

best restaraunts of GOA - habanero

We chose some nacho chips and salsa along to go with our beers, which was a perfect combination. It was served with 3 different sauces.

habanero Goa

We also tried the Jalapeño Poppers, Mexico-Churian chicken and Sesame-Lime shrimp toast everything of which was on point.

food review - Habanero Goa

food review - Habanero Goa

Habanero Goa - food review

habanero Goa restaraunt

For mains, we tried the beef sampler plate which included Beef Tacos, Burritos, Mexican rice and a Burrito bowl. Everything on this plate was super delicious. This is a must have here.

Food at Habanero Goa

best Goan restaraunts

For dessert, we had Churros-Con-Chocolate. Doughnut sticks in cinnamon sugar severe with dark chocolate sauce – truly mouthwatering. The Churros Caliente was the perfect way to end our meal.

place to be


Milky Way Road, Khobra Waddo, Baga, Goa 403519, India

To reserve:  +91 95039 77700 or online


Our Favorites

●Susegado Trigo

●Jalapeño Poppers

●Sesame lime shrimp toast

●Beef sampler plate


Chai & Lipstick Rating


Service: 3/5

Food: 4/5

I really recommend this place for a fun Mexican experience. Jude and I had really enjoyed the day there and will surely be visiting again soon. It’s really refreshing to have an offer of different cuisines as it’s very limited in Goa. A big Bravo to the chefs and the servers for this experience.

habanero goa restaraunt reviewI hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon with more fashion talk and more fun places to explore in Goa.

Check out my last culinary experiences at Lazy Goose and Tierra y Mar.

Article by: Ingrid Fernandes | Fashion Designer |India

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  1. Loved it. What beautiful way of capturing life or a bit of life for all of us to witness through your eyes, Rachel (correct me if I took the wrong name…I tried to recognise the picture of the girl here with the list of authors given on your Author Bio on site).

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