Goa: 4 Fun ways to spend your weekend!

Hey guys,

What are you guys doing this weekend? Listen up, I have a few great ideas of what you could do if you are in Goa, whether you are a fashionista, food-lover, cocktail lover or wine lover, I bet you will surely find some inspiration here:love


Fashion Label 

Hidden in Baba Woods Cafe is a little fashion design hub called Fashion label. The first thing that caught my eyes was their slogan ‘the Weird and Wonderful’. I was hoping for something out of the usual, and to my pleasant surprise, the pieces are carefully chosen at Fashion Labels and are very different from those you find around, they have a very contemporary collection.

fashion Labels boutique goa

I started my weekend by attending the launch of this super stylish boutique with my gal Albina. This store has some really trendy home furnishing articles from mugs and bottles to cushions and curtains. They also have an awesome collection of fabrics to choose from. Besides home furnishings, they have a small but super stylish collection of resort wear for men and women and a really unique collection of jewelry.

The launch was a great occasion to discover this ultra-trendy boutique. With a super fun atmosphere, with laughter, champagne, and pizza! We had a great time, I highly recommend this place for a unique shopping experience.

fashion Labels boutique goa

fashion Labels boutique goa

fashion Labels boutique goa

fashion Labels boutique goa

fashion Labels boutique goa

fashion Labels boutique goa



Sushi v/s Dimsums Festival!!

Taj Vivanta (Panjim) is having an unlimited Sushi v/s Dimsums festival starting from 27th of April until the 12th of May. I was invited for an exclusive preview of this festival, and I am really excited to share this with you guys.

I went there with my fav foodie partner Jude. We started off with some Chinese tea. The alcoholic package includes unlimited Beer.

Taj vivanta panjim - sushi festival Goa

So sushi lovers ready to discover all they offer? Taj Vivanta offers a variety of veg and non-veg sushi options.

Non-veg options

  • California makizushi roll
  • Volcano roll
  • Knock out

And in veg

  • Vegan dynamite roll

All of which is simply yummy, and luscious. The fun part is that chef prepares it in a fusion style, and gives the traditional sushi flavors a whole new twist, so be prepared for loads of great surprises. You can expect an explosion of tastes and savors with these mouth-watering preparations!

If you are a sushi lover this festival has to be on your list.Taj vivanta panjim - sushi festival Goa

Taj vivanta panjim - sushi festival Goa

Taj vivanta panjim - sushi festival Goa

Taj vivanta panjim - sushi festival Goa

chai & lipstick food blogger Goa - Taj vivanta

Next, we tried the Dimsums, and again they have such a copious list of veg and non-veg on their menu all served with 3 different sauces.


  • Shaomai
  • Har gow
  • Jiaozi
  • Crab Rangoon
  • Gyoza
  • Crystal dumplings


  • Fun gor
  • How gee

The surreal part about this festival is that it is unlimited! We loved every dimsum they served us, everything was prepared with attention to detail, again a real treat for the taste buds.Taj vivanta panjim - dimsum festival Goa

Taj vivanta panjim - dimsum festival Goa

Taj vivanta panjim - dimsum festival Goa

Need more details?

When? 27th April to 12th of May. This festival will be happening for lunch (12:30 – 14:45) as well as dinner (19:00-23:45).

Price? And all this at a great price of ₹1500 for the non-alcohol package and ₹2000 for alcohol package which will include unlimited beer(plus taxes) per person.

My favs? I really loved the Volcano roll sushi, so well done! The Har gow and crab Rangoon Dim sums were to die for. Hats off to the chef Anshu, who is super dedicated and passionate and that passion is transmitted in his food, Love it!



The Big Tap

A great way to end the the day would be by sipping on cocktails at Big Tap, my newly discovered hangout. It’s right on the road side and very hard to miss coz of its amazing lighting and deco. I went there with my mom, for a girly fun evening.

The Big Tap has such an exceptional ambiance with live music/DJ every night. It is really a great place for a chilled out night out.

We selected a few cocktails to try which began with a Daiquiri and a Frozen Margarita. Both of which were great and super well presented.

Next we had the seasonal drink. Right now they serve the Watermelontini, which is really refreshing, one of the best drinks to beat this Goan heat.Big Tap Goa

Big Tap restaraunt review

Big Tap Goa restaraunt review

They also have a great food offer, we also tried the Sizzling Rib Bits. It was so yummy. I highly recommend you to try this! For dinner, we selected Honey Peper beef, mom and I loved it 🙂Big Tap Goa restaraunt review

We ended our evening with our final drink the Godfather!! This is the best cocktail I have ever had. Whiskey-based with orange juice. It was the last n the best drink of the night, perfect end to our perfect mommy-daughter date.



Wine tasting at Barrels and Bones!

Barrels & Bones is a restaurant in Panjim city known for its steak specialties. It’s the perfect combination of rustic and trendy.  The ambiance here is perfect for a peaceful dinner as it has really soft music playing in the outdoor seating.

I was invited for a wine tasting at Barrels and bones as they are adding a new list of wines to their menu. Grover Zampa is an Indian wine company that has a variety of wines in their collection. Some of which will now be served at Barrels and bones.

Some of the wines on their list

  • Soirée Brut

An excellent sparkling wine with a dry finish in classic brut style.

  • Rosé

Rosé wine which is light bodied and smooth to drink.

  • Sauvignon Blanc

White wine very refreshing and so fine.

  • Cabernet Shiraz

Red wine with a powerful and persistent finish.barells and bones goa review

barells and bones goa review

We accompanied the wine with a platter of appetizers, which was super tasty. And ended the night on a sweet note with ice-cream and some warm gooey cake. All of which was just delicious. I loved the evening I spent here so much, I met some very interesting people, thanks to the friendly ambiance, and I learned lots about wine. If you are a wine lover you must visit Barrels & Bones for this exceptional wine list, and of course, the food is great!

Hope you guys are super inspired to have a great time in Goa this weekend, let me know where you would love to go in comments and if you have already been to any of these places 🙂

Have a great weekend friends!

Article by: Ingrid Fernandes, India


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  1. Hi I loved your description and your energy and excitement is so viral whilst reading your composition… i am so excited to go to goa.. and definitely worth following your team so get updates about what’s new and exciting.. love you guys.. keep it up…

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