My pregnancy story: 2nd trimester.

I can’t believe my second trimester just flew by, I am 28 weeks and already in my third trimester. As everyone says the second trimester is the best time, trust me it definitely is the best time. If you read about my first trimester, you remember the fatigue, morning sickness and all the struggle, welcome to the second trimester where things only get better and look forward to.

Ready to relive the second trimester of my pregnancy? scroll down…New Energy Boost

As soon as my 14th week kicked in, my morning sickness vanished. I found myself with more energy to do my daily chores and I could even eat more things without the feeling of disgust. The cravings I had for this trimester was all about crisps, chocolates and everything that is sweet 😝

second trimester pregnancy

  • Baby kicks

I felt my little bean kick for the first time when I was in my 17th week. It was the sweetest moment when I felt him kick for the first time. As weeks went by his kicks got stronger and the amazing part is how you can see your belly move with his kicks and other movements.

I can go on looking at my belly forever to see him kick and move. Another beautiful feeling is when my husband Malito felt our baby kick, it was a wonderful moment as I can feel and experience so much in the pregnancy but this is something he can feel and experience too 😊

  • Gender Reveal

From the day we found out we were pregnant, Malito and I thought it was going to be a girl. We had a few names picked out for the girl as well. The 20 weeks scan was the day we found out about our baby’s gender.

My sister and her fiancé were there to experience this with us, as all our family is in India and other parts of the world, we decided to do the gender reveal a little differently.

fun gender reveal ideas

fun gender reveal ideas

fun gender reveal ideas

We had baked two cakes one that was pink inside and the other was blue. After the scan the gender of our baby was confirmed, the sonographer wrote it on a piece of paper and at this time only one person Mellissa’s fiancé Victor knew the gender, who was in charge of getting the right cake to be cut. I really could not wait to get home and cut the cake😊.

fun gender reveal ideas

We wanted all our family and friends to know at the same time we find out the gender, so we had an Insta Live and cut the cake with our loved from all over the world. We cut the cake and then we knew we were having a baby boy.
fun gender reveal ideas

fun gender reveal ideas

fun gender reveal ideas

] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

  • Babymoon

Babymoon, the much-required gateway with your spouse or partner before your baby arrives. We decided to babymoon in Malta. Read all about my babymoon HERE.


second trimester prenancy

second trimester prenancy

  • My Favourite products

As you all know I love making my own skincare at home. But have also been using some other products which have been great for my pregnant body and skin. I have been using the belly butter from Nature (review coming soon) along with my homemade belly and so far have not got any stretch marks 😬

nature bare baby belly butter

Another product that I have been loving is the moisturizing cream and face oil Pure Potions (review coming soon) by for the dry skin during pregnancy.

pure potions review

  • Favourite maternity picks

Styling your growing bump can be difficult when all you can think of is comfort. Check out my latest blog posts on pregnancy fashion HERE, and HERE.

Things I look forward to in the third trimester

  • Couples baby shower/ diaper bash
  • Shopping for our little man
  • Meeting our baby

The second trimester is definitely the best one and it’s just flown by. I took full advantage of the second trimester to do a lot of things I could not do in the first trimester. Make the most of it, it’s the best time to bond with your partner as well. As I got into the last weeks of my second trimester the body aches already started kicking in and also swelling of my ankles.

Here is an article I found really helpful to understand the causes of tightening of the stomach during each trimester of the pregnancy – click HERE to read the whole article.

Thank you guys for following my pregnancy journey and being a part of our Chai & Lipstick family! Please do share any tips that you may have for the third trimester with me in comments below, I love hearing from you 🙂

Have a great week ahead!

Article by: Rachel Fernandes | Lawyer, Cosmetics Formulator, Beauty Addict | 🇬🇧

3 thoughts on “My pregnancy story: 2nd trimester.

  1. Good luck. Always good hearing about the miracle of life when the rest of the world is crazy. Best wishes to you and your husband, and all family. Praying for safe passage for your new one.

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