Glitzy Face Palette – Yay or Nay?

Contouring and Highlighting are surely the trends you have heard about, today we are going to discover something new “GLITZ” a new step Make Upadded to the face routine, which you can find in their latest – Glitzy Face Palette! Ready to discover this palette with me? Scroll down…Glitzy Palette Review - Chai & Lipstick


The Glitzy Palette has a beautiful Rose Gold and silver packaging, it looks very trendy and eye-catching, I really love it! The palette is lightweight and has a mirror, this makes it travel-friendly!


Glitzy Palette Review - Chai & Lipstick

The Glitzy Face palette contains 9 different shades to contour, highlight, blush, and glitz the face. The Glitz shades have a metallic texture and are super shiny, all the other shades in the palette are matte.

What I really like about this palette is the universal shades it contains which suit almost all complexions. Jam-packed with pigments these shades need to be worked slowly by building up as if you start with too much it can create patches. Although they are super smooth to blend make sure you start on a powdered base.

Glitzy Plalette review


The Glitzy palette can be used with a 4 step application as mentioned on the pack.


I started with the highlight shade – Banana.

In the pic below you can see the difference between the highlighted cheek area on the left and the other side. Apply highlight shades on the features of the face you want to bring light to, like the cheekbones, the center of the face – forehead, browbone, down the bridge of the nose and chin.

To check the placements for highlight and contour click HERE.

Glitzy Palette Review - Chai & Lipstick


Next, I contoured my face, I used a mix of the shades Sepia and Mocha. I started by sculpting the cheekbones, for this place your contour shade under the cheekbones and blend it towards the center of the face, end the blush at the imaginary line on yr cheek from the center of the iris.

Glitzy Palette MAKEUP FOR EVER Review - Chai & Lipstick

Contour the jawline blending well downwards into the neck to avoid harsh lines. With the product left on the brush contour the hairline and the sides of the nose.

Glitzy Palette Review


Blush is my favorite step, as this brings the whole look together. Blush instantly brings life to the face! I applied a mix of the two blush shades in the palette Peach Blossom and Warm rose on the apples of my cheeks and blended it towards the temples.



I love that this palette contains the Glitz textures, until this step all is great – the shades, intensity etc. Till step 3 can be great for a daytime makeup! But the step 4 – Glitz will really add that missing glam factor to your makeup.

Apply the Glitz shade using a small brush or your fingers on your cheekbones taking it up to the browbone. Blend the edges well. I used the shade, Golden Sand.

Glitzy Palette Review - Chai & Lipstick



I love this palette, and I highly recommend it. This palette is a must have… with its universal pigmented shades and lightweight compact form it’s a great palette to own.




I hope you enjoyed this review, let me know what you think of this palette in comments below. As I said before I love blush, in fact, its second in line in my makeup priorities (i.e. after lipstick) I love to play with different styles and if you want to experiment check out my articles on blush trends HERE and HERE.

If you are more of a GLITZ girl check out my article on Glazed skin HERE, which you can recreate using the glitz shades in the Glitzy Palette!

Glitzy Palette Review - Chai & Lipstick

Other products used in this look:


Waterblend Foundation

MAC studio fix powder


Kiko Kohl Pencil (Black)

Kiko Eye Pencil – Midnight Blue

Dior Lash Primer

Sam Marcel Mascara


Sam Marcel – Clara Liquid Lipstick

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Article by: Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷


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