KIT STARS Brushes Review

The role a good makeup brush plays in your makeup result is key, that’s the reason why it is important to invest in quality brushes! Nowadays there are so many choices available, how do you choose?

Well guys, for me it is pretty simple, good quality bristles that don’t shed over time- I have tried out so many brushes, some of which are a real treat to the eye but after one or two washes or even sometimes during makeup application I have had bristles shed all over the place. The next important quality for me is the bristles should be soft and luxurious, whether I use it on myself or my clients I want it to be a great makeup experience. In my constant hunt for amazing products I am always trying and putting different products to the test, this time it was the super luxurious makeup brushes from Kit Stars! Read on to know more…
ood quality makeup brushes to invest in

As well as being some of the prettiest makeup brushes on the scene, the kit stars brushes are available in super soft pure vegan bristles! I am all for cruelty-free makeup, and so I decided to put their vegan makeup brushes to the test. For those of you who are asking what Vegan brushes mean, the bristles of regular brushes often come from animal hair or fur like those of ponies, squirrels, goats, mink etc.  The bristles of vegan brushes are made artificially from substances like Nylon or Taklon, this ensures good quality soft bristled brushes which are 100% cruelty-free! Sounds amazing so far, let’s go ahead…

kit star brushes

kit star makeup brushes

The Kit Stars brushes not only look but are super luxurious – the wooden handle is covered with a glossy black lacquer and the ferrules are made with solid copper and then layered with gold, which all stay intact even after washing and several uses. I have been trying these brushes for 4 months, I believe in putting products to a real test before sharing a review 🙂

Some of you might think, super luxurious brushes = hole in my pocket! Haha guess what the Kit Star brushes are really affordable, the price range is between 7-10£.

Here are my favs from their vegan makeup brush set:

  • The Base Polisher Brush
best makeup brushes 2018
Base Polisher Brush
kit star makeup brushes
Base polisher Brush

I love the dense fiber base polisher brush to apply liquid/cream texture products. It is great for primer, foundation and cream blush too. I use it making small circular movements to buff the products in and give my skin a polished effect.

  • Vegan Tapered Blender Brush

Tapered Blender Brush

This brush makes blending super easy, its tapered shape makes it perfect for crease blending. Just sweep across the eye crease starting at the outer corner and sweeping back and forth till the desired blending is achieved.

  • Short Angled Brush
cheap makeup brushes
Short Angle brush

This brush is perfect for lower lash shadows and also to remove mascara smudges on your lower lashes by just tapping gently to separate the lashes and get off the extra product.

  • The Angled Lip Brush
kit star makeup brushes
Lip Brush

I like this brush as it is firm and makes lipstick application very easy, also its angled side is great for precision on the cupids bow.



BIG CRUSH! The Kit stars brushes have become a part of my makeup routine. I absolutely love them and I highly recommend these if you are looking for quality brushes to invest in.

Click here to visit the Kit Stars website.

makeup artist favorite makeup brushes

Before I end this post I would like to mention how cleaning your brushes is important for hygiene reasons and also for their long life.

makeup brushes kit stars

If you use it on yourself you must deep cleanse your brushes at least once a week. If you are a makeup artist and use your brushes on different clients, clean the brushes using a brush cleanser between clients and a deep cleanse every evening.

Here is how I deep cleanse my brushes:

I use a mild soap with antibacterial properties, I wet the bristles with warm water and use the soap to lather it, i use my Brush Cleanse Tool to get work up the lather and then rinse off gently.

best way to clean makeup brushes

To dry it place all the brushes horizontally on a towel.

clean makeup brushes

I hope you found this review helpful. Let me know which other makeup brushes have you been loving in comments below. Catch you really soon with some more makeup talk.

Take care guys! Byeeeeeeeeeee ❤

Article by: Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷



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