Very Berry Fall makeup look

Hello Loves!

Fall is my fav time of the year, the cool winds accompanied by the faint rays of sunlight, and the myriad of colors all around give me so much inspiration for makeup! Today I am going to take you step by step to create this fall look – with bold berry lips and a play of metallic colors on the eyes, while the skin is matte and sculpted. Ready? scroll down…


Tan skin girls often complain of dull grey skin. The best way to warm up your complexion is to use an orangish shade on the undereye area and around the mouth area where the dullness occurs.

Here are the areas where you can apply the orange base if you don’t have an orange concealer use an orange/reddish lipstick and tutorial for fall

Apply a full coverage foundation, and blend using a sponge. I used the Ultra HD stick foundation

. makeup tutorial for fall

makeup tutorial for fall


It’s important to define the brows, before jumping into eye makeup as it really defines the eye structure and gives harmony to all the features of the tutorial for fallApply a black khol pencil roughly on the eyelids, and undereye to have a panda eye tutorial for fall

Now blend the edges of the khol pencil using a fluffy brush.

Apply a brown shadow all over to fix the kohl. Using yr finger, apply metallic shades of gold-copper on the lid and blend, play till the needed intensity is obtained. I used the eyeshadow palette from Sam tutorial for fall

makeup tutorial for fall

Finish the eye look with a generous application of Mascara.


Apply a dark berry shade on the lips, I used Colette liquid lipstick from Sam  Marcel.

And voila! Go show off your fall look 🙂 let me know in comments if you liked this look and check another fall makeup tutorial heredon’t forget to share this with your BFF’s and follow us on Instagram for daily updates! See you guys very soon with some fun tutorials for Halloween.

Article by: Mellissa Fernandes | Makeup Artist | 🇫🇷


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