Weekend-escape at Lazylagoon Sarovar Portico Suites!

Hey you guys!

I love getting away for the weekend, and as I live in Goa I don’t have to go too far, as Goa has some of the most beautiful properties, and I love to explore to find hidden gems that I can share with you! Today, I am excited to share one such gem where I recently went on a weekend getaway, especially with Valentine’s day around the corner, this would be perfect for all you lovely people planning a day out with your better half!

Lazy Lagoon Sarovar Portico Suites is a boutique hotel located in Baga, Goa. My friend Devanshi and I planned a weekend getaway there to have some time off from all life drama and work stress and we actually had a super fun day.

lazylagoon sarovar portorico goa

When we arrived at the resort we were greeted and welcomed by their friendly staff and offered some stylish welcome cocktails. We were then escorted to our suite, this property has brand new spacious suites, beautifully designed interiors sublimated with a relaxing aura. The King-sized super comfy bed, carefully chosen luxurious toiletries, complimentary wifi and balcony with the mesmerizing lagoon view are some of the highlights that make it stand out!sarovar goa

lay lagoon goa hotel review

sarovar goa review

pool at lazylagoon sarovar goa

The Lazylagoon Sarovar does not just include the magnificent suites and huge swimming pool but also a fitness centre, salon and spa (and of course you guys know me, I just couldn’t stop myself from booking a massage appointment),an outdoor bar and lagoon side seating that gives this place dreamy romantic dinner vibes (wink wink V-day plans)!

At the indoor restaurant, we met the head chef, who offered us a special lunch with his specialty dishes, we did request for a veg dish as Devanshi is a pure vegetarian.

In the meantime, Devanshi n I got back to our royal suite and ordered some starters. We got a plate of Cheese Chilli toast and Fish Fingers which were not available for service at that time but the chef managed to prepare it on request and the room service was really quick. I love hotels where the staff is super reactive!

best hotels in goagoan hotels 2019

The Cheese Chilli toast was absolutely yummy, we gobbled it up in no time! We completed the meal with a chilled bottle of Breezer from the mini bar and then went for a quick power nap in our super comfy bed.

Later, at the restaurant, we were super excited to see what the chef had prepared for us. He first bought in a very well presented plate of grilled prawns served mashed potato which was  fresh & tasty, and looked absolutely yummylicious 😋

portico suites sarovar goa

best hotels in goa

goan bloggers

The next dish was Pomfret Masala Rawa fry. Very tropically prepared as would be served in any other Goan restaurant, to be honest, I like my fish tender and juicy which wasn’t really the case here.

but this was made up for with the last item on the chef’s menu, a very delicious looking plate of tandoori chicken legs with salad and green chutney. And boy, it was flavorsome, delicious, and appetizing!

lazylagoon goa review

We were a little disappointed because the chef totally forgot about our request of 1 vegetarian item and also waiters were unsure about what was being served.
Overall, The service was courteous & friendly but could improve in terms of cuisine knowledge.

weekend at goa

After our afternoon nap, we decided to go to the pool and spend some time pretending to be mermaids 😀

trvael goa 2019


After an hour of floating around, we got out and went for a quick hot shower n then rushed to the spa for a massage.

The salon staff is very friendly and most importantly very professional, I was given a form to fill with all the basic information needed by my masseuse and was recommended the Swedish massage that helps to relax the entire body which I very much needed.

In the spa room after I was changed, ready and comfortable the massage began which is done by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. But what I got to know is Swedish massage therapy goes beyond relaxation, it is also beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

After 60 mins in heaven, I was taken to the steam room followed by a hot shower. The spa team was lovely and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend the Swedish therapy when your body and mind needs that extra pampering.

❤️ The best part for all you love birds out there, they also offer couple massages!

Post this lovely day I was all set to start the week full of energy and take over what everything that comes my way with a smile.

Chai & Lipstick Ratings for Lazylagoon Sarovar Portico Suites:

Staff: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Suite: 5/5

Food: 3/5

Ambiance: 5/5

Spa: 5/5

A special thanks to Lazylagoon Sarovar Portico Suites for this amazing stay and excellent service, I am surely coming back soon ❤️

Article by: Ingrid Fernandes | Goa

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