Soul Cleansing experience at Jiva spa, Taj Fort Aguada, Goa

With our busy lifestyles and unlimited access to media, it’s important to take time off to reconnect with your body and mind to be able to give the best of yourself.

For me, I do this by treating myself to a relaxing spa day, if you have read my previous posts you know how I love to try out different places, and that’s how I end up sharing some really amazing places with you guys. Today is about my recent experience at Jiva Spa, if you are in Goa, this place is a must go to!

best spa goa 2019Woven within the walls of one of Goa’s most beautiful resort built of an old Portuguese fort that overlooks the beautiful Sinquerim beach, Taj Fort Aguada Resort, lies Jiva Spa which is a journey to bliss!

ingredients - chai & lipstick

When I reached the Jiva spa I was greeted and warmly welcomed by the staff and offered a welcome drink. I was then explained all the massage therapies that they had and I decided to try their scrub and wrap therapies. I was suggested the Narikela – A truly soothing treatment that celebrates the natural goodness of coconut (an ingredient familiar in many households of India.)

I love the professional approach and advise to choose your treatment which is so important as it is really personalized to your needs, and the most important is the way the staff makes you feel comfortable with a warm welcome which instantly puts you in a calm state of mind.

For that, I would say 5 stars to Jiva 🌟BLOGGERS IN GOA

I was then escorted to the therapy room where I was given a set of hygienic disposal massage change. Entering the room itself, took me into a world of calm and peace, thanks to the soothing aroma and the music. After I got changed the masseuse washed my feet and made me feel very comfortable as I got on the massage table.

She began using a coconut scrub on my entire body which exfoliates and hydrates your skin leaving it smooth and soft. After which I stepped into the shower to rinse off all the scrub granules, by the time I got back to the massage table the masseuse had cleared the room and changed the towels on the massage table.

Then we moved on to the body wrap treatment also now ‘body cacoon’ or ‘body mask’ For me this is the best kind of treatment to give the body. They improve your skin texture, hydrate the skin, enhance health and makes you feel special!


Jiva spas have its own ayurvedic massage oils and are not available anywhere else. The wrap began with a whole body massage with one of their nourishing oils and then tightly wrapped in a cotton fabric. This process promotes the extraction of dirt, toxins and excess water from the skin.

I was then left to relax for around 30 minutes to allow the treatment to work its magic during which I had the best sleep I had in a long time. I was literally sleeping like a baby. The masseuse then unwrapped me and directed to a very spacious and clean steam room. After a good 15 minutes in there, I went for a hot shower.

I highly recommend this treatment, for people looking for complete body detox and intense relaxation.

After feeling totally rejuvenated I went to the salon to fix my hair with a wash and blow-dry. The hairdresser was very helpful and advised me on some hair care treatments and nourishing my hair needs. I left the place looking and feeling refreshed and full of energy.




Jiva spa and salon offers a huge range of massages, scrubs and wraps and ayurvedic therapies, they also have branches all over India.


place to beAddress

Sinquerim, Candolim, Bardez- Goa – 403515


I will totally visit jiva spa was a soul cleansing and stress relieving experience.

Big thanks to my friend Dean for these photos 🙂

Take care guys, see you soon with some fun posts on travel and fashion!

Article by: Ingrid Fernandes, Goa


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