How I use my sunscreen for Strobing!

Strobing gives you the most dewy  and fresh skin look! If you not familiar with the term yet check Vogue Strobing, its a makeup trend that’s been around for years but just made a big come-back with a fancy name and I absolutely love it!


BIKING THE ROADS OF INDIA from Goa to Mahableshwar

As a young girl I was fearless and always seeking for thrill, which brought out the biker in me at a very young age. Until I discovered motorcycle riding I really never had an outlet to express myself or an interest that touched my spirit. Being a woman rider added to my self esteem and put me in a unique category. I definitely feel like there is a connection between my bike and me, she becomes a part of me and I become a part of her. Being a rider gives me a freedom.I remember riding one day and there were a couple of young girls in car in front of me, they all were so amazed when they saw I was a ‘she’ and gave me the thumbs up😊


‘CHROMING’ is the latest highlighting trend of 2016,before you start to wonder what’s new about highlighting let me tell you, to chrome you need nothing but a lipstick,yes just a LIPSTICK! This spring-summer we take this trend hand’s on and not just that, we will take it a notch up to COLOR CHROMING..get set to pack your lightest makeup travel kit ever!

How about forever for a change?

I’ve grown up being a gaga fan of Walt Disney movies, in which all ended with   ‘and they lived happily ever after’. A sentence that gave us hope, that love is a solution to everything.

But then of course gravity pulls us back to planet earth, and reality hits hard when the happily ever after is no where in sight after being in a serious relationship for a while.