2 Year Bloggersary – 2 Giveaway announcements!

Hello lovely people, We recently crossed our two-year mark blogging, it’s been an amazing time for us, personally and professionally we learned and grew in many ways…and it’s many thanks to our blog and you lovely people who support us. Chai & Lipstick is a blog run by 4 sisters, it’s not always been easy to coordinate and manage the blog as we all live … Continue reading 2 Year Bloggersary – 2 Giveaway announcements!

Glitzy Face Palette – Yay or Nay?

Contouring and Highlighting are surely the trends you have heard about, today we are going to discover something new “GLITZ” a new step Make Upadded to the face routine, which you can find in their latest – Glitzy Face Palette! Ready to discover this palette with me? Scroll down… Continue reading “Glitzy Face Palette – Yay or Nay?”

Everything you need to know about the « Eyelash Lift Treatment »

I had already heard about eyelash extensions, but Eyelash lift was completely new to me, and I absolutely wanted to put it to the test. Thanks to Prital, Brow and Lash artist, I got a chance to test this treatment and I am super excited to share it with you guys.🙃 What is an Eyelash Lift? An eyelash lift is a treatment that gives the … Continue reading Everything you need to know about the « Eyelash Lift Treatment »

What’s in the Birchbox – February/March

I recently subscribed to Birchbox, which is a beauty box that contains 5 beauty products from different brands. As I love trying out different products regularly, I subscribed to Birchbox. It’s like a gift to yourself (trust me, this is a great way of pampering yourself). The box you receive is personalized to your beauty profile, so the products you receive are chosen for you! … Continue reading What’s in the Birchbox – February/March

Face Cleanser/Massage Brush-Do you need it?

Hello friends,

Today I am going to introduce you to a very useful beauty tool, for face cleansing and massaging. This is a two-sided Face Brush, with soft bristles for face cleansing on one side and a silicon massage pad on the other. Continue reading “Face Cleanser/Massage Brush-Do you need it?”

Super Easy DIY Belly (Anti Stretch Marks) Butter.

Hi friends,

For those of you who missed our recent Insta Story announcement , I am super excited to announce to you guys that I am pregnant .. yaaayyyyy! I am sorry to have been missing in action for these three months, I had a really hard first trimester, I will talk about it in another post. I am back, and this time with a DIY Stretch marks cream – which is great for women during their pregnancy, and for anyone who is looking for a super rich cream for dry skin. As always its a super simple and super easy to make DIY! Continue reading “Super Easy DIY Belly (Anti Stretch Marks) Butter.”