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How to become the BEST VERSION of you! 

I grew up believing that the relationship we have with others, like the number of friends, perfect love partner etc. is the ultimate key to living a content life, but eventually, I’ve realized the relationship I share with myself is the essence of how happy I will be as I move through life.

The perfect Goan getaway: Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel

Within the walls of what we call home, Ingrid and I discovered a place which captures the true essence of Goa.  Tiracol a small village bordering Goa and Maharashtra, documents the culture of Goa to its deepest roots. Amongst the 100 catholic houses of the little village, is a star attraction, the 16th century Fortress

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The French Girl Beauty Rules: What I learnt from living in Paris for 6 years!

Before living in Paris I had a very different vision of the French Beauty, being the fashion capital of the world, I expected the roads to be a real life runway! But to my surprise the French women have an “effortless” style, laid back yet polished, elegant without loosing their personal essence. Today’s article is

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1 year Blogging: Giveaway (Part 1)

Hi Friends! We are so excited to bring this giveaway to you 🙂 It’s been a year since we started Chai & Lipstick, and I must say it’s been an amazing journey so far. Four sisters separated by distance, we started the blog as a way to connect with each other and to grow our

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Bloggers Ball 2017

This was my first event as a blogger and I was very nervous and excited to attend the Bloggers Ball😊. This event was organized by the lovely Scarlett and she organizes many similar events with bloggers. The venue of the ball was The Trading House a beautiful pub on Gresham street. I reached the venue and there

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Last minute gift ideas for FATHER’s Day!

If you are late like us to buy your Father’s day gift, we are happy if our list of favorites can help you in making your final choice! It’s all about making your old man feel special and remind him how much he is loved, so do make some time to do something fun with

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I tried the Electrical Muscle Simulation (EMS) workout.

I recently tried out the Electrical Muscle Simulation (EMS), it was recommended to me by my colleague for its efficiency and no effort nature, the super lazy person that I am I was thrilled to try out a workout which required zero effects. Read on to know my fun experience 🙂

5 Easy steps to make HAPPINESS become your new habit! 

Happiness for many of us is a life goal, or a myth we have long forgotten, because of all the stressors that pull us down every single day. As difficult and unbelievable as it may sound, every individual has the power of lifting themselves up and finding their happiness even in the most abrupt situations.

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